Thursday, October 07, 2004

I got an airdate.

I will make you scroll down past this pretty picture for added suspense.

Yes- the dreaded airdate of the Elimidate show which I am on. I GUARANTEE I look like an asshole on the show- so, that said- I hope that my unusually skilled ability of acting ridiculous gets edited just right so that I look like a complete lunatic. Of course the woman on the phone said, oh no, you look fabulous on the show. I don't believe her. I will be taping it before I even think of letting my parents tune in.

So, turn on CBS/Channel 2 on Tuesday night, October 19
at 1:30am.

Scandalous Debauchery.

PS- New Beastie Boys single out is great- which I am happy about cause the earlier one was blah and that made me dissapointed in my cherished boys. And the new Eminem video blows, nothing new or cool about it. Yeah, he's had it.

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