Monday, October 11, 2004

I hate life today.

Yeah, it's true. I started off the day with a boot on my car. The ticket reads "Permit Parking Only". Well I have a fucking permit (its a little sticker). But, it's registered for a different car. I didn't realize this was a big problem. Now I am down $205. Hooray. Hooray. I don't make any fucking money, and now I have to pay 205 dollars for parking some stupid car that I don't even drive anymore.

Ah it's all just bullshit. I am just all fucking sad about life cause I am not even close to being over everything that's happened. But I'm trying, really I am.

Since I can't be perky, maybe I'll just try being eventful. I have this little break between work and rehearsal, and so Friday I used that break to meet up with friend. One especially cool thing about this person is that he has a knowledge of all kinds of music I've never heard. So I look forward to his reccomendations. And at the restaurant we were at, this one girl I went to high school with, who used to drive me to school, waited tables. And so it was fun to see someone I knew at such a random spot- this restaurant on the block where I work. Turns out she's goin to NYU grad school. Fun. Actually this past week I bumped into a GW friend I hadn't seen in forever on the block where I work. It's nice when NYC seems less anonymous than usual.

Later that night I went out in Hoboken with my roommate. And I had the most delightful young man come up to me. Now he came up to us, I don't know why. We were ignoring him, with disinterested bitch faces on, and he comes up anyway, and starts with "Where are you guys from".
Me- Jersey (in a flat response)
Him- Yeah, where?
Me- Morris County
Him- Woah, I am from Chatham, where're you from?
Me- Roxbury
Him- Woah, they have that pet store there on Route 10 (very excited about this)
Me- Yes, they do.
Him- Yeah, man, I take my dog to that pet store, right there on route 10, Isn't that crazy? That pet store is crazy.
Me- Oh, excuse me for a second, I see my friend over there. Nice talking to you.

I mean, normally, I feel sympathy, but when a girl blatently tries ignoring you- don't go up to her! And if you do, you've got to have a hell of a lot more to say than how much you love the crrrraazzzy pet store in her home town. Also, in Hoboken, people like to ask where you live in Hoboken. And Hoboken is only a mile long, so everywhere in Hoboken is close. But without fail, every time, a guy asks, he responds with "Woah, I live near you." Of course you do, sweetheart, everyone in Hoboken lives near everyone else in Hoboken.

Hmm, and I saw that weird looking guy in the Dave Matthews videos in a nice restaurant this weekend, and then on Sunday, on a small quiet street, I exchanged smiles with Kate Hudson while she walked with her husband and baby. Man she's pale. But they really blend in with all the SoHo people.

Everyone's been talking about that new show "Desperate Housewives", a show which stars a bunch of desperate housewives, one of whom is played by Marcia Cross. When I was in high school, Melrose Place was on the air, and she was the star of it. I also used to dye my hair very red. At that time, people would aways tell me I looked like that crazy girl from Melrose Place (Kimberly for those of you who watched). And I heard it so damn much, I will never forget- when I was a freshman, I was on student counsel, and I went around to classrooms for some reason to give something to the teachers, and I went to this art teacher, and she turns me around to face the class, a class full of seniors, and exclaims "Doesn't she look just like that girl on Melrose Place!" And I'm just standing there like, um, please do whatever I came here for, while all the seniors stare at me like I am a big ol tool. Well now she's back, but this time around I think my face looks a little different, I am a little older, right?
Dead ringer? Nah, not anymore.

And I watched this movie, "Something the Lord Made", about the first heart surgery ever performed, and how this cool black dude, Vivien Thomas, was actually critical in its development, but these other white dudes got all the credit, made Life magazine and all- but he was pretty much unknown for all that he had done, until later in his life he was recognized for it. Mos Def is so awesome.

Time to continue being unappreciative of all I have and hating life, at least just for a few more hours. Later dudes.

Actually, no. I will just think about cupcakes, kitties, and bunnies.

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