Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I need more protection, that's all.

Brian Wilson's new album
This looks fucking splendid. I must purchase this if it's the last 15 dollars I have. Oh and I also have to buy the OC soundtrack Mix 1 Mix 2. Don't scoff at this, it's a nice little compilation. Man, thinking about Pet Sounds, that is one of the finest albums ever recorded, so freakin beautiful, and it's just the kind of songs that grow finer with age like wine. They have such depth underneath all the sunshine. Good stuff.

This morning sucked ass. They were supposed to remove the boot from my fucking car yesterday. And they didn't. And so I waited around this morning for those assholes to do it. They came late. And they took my parking permit. Which is fine I guess. I dont want to fucking have a car anymore anyhow. It's a nuisance.

The cold has come and the city is already beginning to change and instantly morph to cold weather mode. Normally when I am walking home at 10pm on any given night when it is finally time to go home after rehearsal, the streets are still filled with people lookin for fun. But everyone is all snuggled indoors now. The mood is different too. I had dinner with a friend at Arturo's in the city yesterday, a modest reasonably priced little Italian place with plenty of personality. And this amazing Japanese woman was on Piano, singing away. It was far too cosy to be summer. It was the perfect thing to listen to while watching people zoom by in their fall jackets.

And here's a little secret for you if you don't already know. There is a little hot spot in the city that is a bit of a secret to the locals, but I checked it out briefly on Saturday, and it really attracts a nice crowd. Casual jeans n tees, college lookin people, but I'd say post-grad in age- aka- my age. And it's got a really friendly low key vibe. It's called "Chumleys" at 86 Bedford St. It's got no sign on the outside and you can't see in from the street. It's an old speakeasy converted into a restaurant/bar, and its going to be my new occasional hangout.

The inconspicuous entrance to Chumley's . . .

And now, products I would want for my survival if stranded alone on a desert island:
Whip-It! Push-Valve whipped cream chargers,
the obligatory interactive computer game "CALL OF DUTY: UNITED OFFENSIVE",
and lots and lots of condoms.

Speaking of condoms, I feel I should promote the following message.

And if you think abstinence is the answer you must be a stupid virgin! Ha! Stupid Virgins! Virginity is for sluts!

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