Friday, October 08, 2004

I've just got to find myself this outfit and I'm all set

So there's all this hype about Paris Hilton and her 12 hour tape. But seriously, if someone followed me around like that I am positive they would find tons of stuff to make me look bad. Anything taken out of context can be twisted. I just don't like it cause I enjoy how silly and unedited that girl is. And it's not like she's trying to be anyone's role model, nor has she ever reached out to the little kids market like Britney Spears and Kobe Bryant- so what's the big deal? Apparantly she used the phrase "stupid niggers", but I have a hard time believing that she meant it seriously. Maybe a joke in poor taste- but I make so many comments in poor taste to like the one or two people I intend to hear it. I mean, I don't think she's wonderful or anything. I just think she's a fun celebrity and fun to watch- plus I feel certain that I don't really know her as a person. It's bullshit how the public tries to make celebrities more mediocre. Public opinion has already ruined our polticians and made them bland as hell (eg- remember that SNL sketch with Will Ferrel "Vote for him, he has no genitals"). Hmm, now that's a fun Halloween costume- Paris Hilton. I am buying a blond wig for the Kill Bill Costume anyway, and there's more than one day in the weekend . . . . I suppose I could find a dinner napkin and a peice of string and call it a dress . . .

Well, I kinda like this song, don't love it- but the video is really fun. I like.
"I'm Not Ok"
And this song is sweet. It would be really perfect in a movie. I like the dancing in the video.
The Thrills "Not for all the Love in the World"
And I've been trying to resist this video for personal reasons, but it's totally likable and totally, well, fabulous.

Plus I love me a good Sloe Gin Fizz. Click on "Portland Oregon".
And speaking of music, there's a lot of Dutch and German singles out lately that talk about America and are all political about the War, including Rammstein's new "Amerika" in German. This is interesting to me.

Rehearsal was great last night. I got to see all the other scenes in the first act for the first time. The other actors are so talented, I love it. The guy that plays the George-Bush-like character is sooo funny. At least I think so. I actually play the most straight character, least funny lines. My girl speaks a lot of the meat of the play- or at least the playwrite's POV. Someone asked me if the play is all against Republicans and all one sided and it's not- but at least as far as the first act is concerned, the Bush character is a lot more silly, so he gets made fun of a lot more. But both sides are shown good and bad, and you kind of have to listen to what's being said and you'll get a more well-rounded commentary.

Arg! Bush you motherfucker- you are making the Quarterlife Crisis Worse!

I'll sleep when I'm dead
This movie looks good to me, mostly because of its cast. I love Clive Owen (wish he'd be cast as the new Bond) and Charlotte Rampling is a fascinating woman, and Malcolm McDowell is in it (the star of A Clockwork Orange).

And the highlighted talent of the day must be Michel Gondry all of his new stuff looks so fabulous, and his old stuff most certainly is- especially his countless amazing music videos. Look into what he has done and will do next- some interesting stuff, comedy too, including some stuff with Dave Chappelle. I'd say he's most famous recently for directing Eternal Sunshine. He also writes. Oh yeah, and he's working on this new movie with Serge Gainsbourg's daughter, and Yummy Bernal.

PS- I just tried on my just purchased Uma wig and gallavanted about the office in it. Being super blond is kinda fabulous. I am gonna kill (bill) in this thing. Too bad I just went brown, ya know, for the fall n all.

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