Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Just Me and My Guitar.

Free Music!
Here, this week you can listen to 2 really good albums for free, streaming from
Jimmy Eat World "Futures"
and this one, from someone I was curious about but hadn't really heard
Elliott Smith "From a Basement on the Hill"
it's good stuff.

Something I had decided recently is that I am actually not interested in dating or boys right now. I manage to be entertained by pretty faces, and still lured by whoever I think is the hottest guy in the bar or where ever- but I just don't want anything from him that I can't provide myself. All I want is to just look at him and enjoy the view. And this weekend will be my first after officially declaring that for myself. I mean, hell, sure, it's possible that some Mr. Awesome could come along out of the blue and change my mind, but right now, I just don't care about any boys at all. It's really likely that right now, Mr. Awesome could come along and I just ignore him and he fades away, and I'm totally ok with it. I'm just emotionally detached and disinterested and I am actually quite possibly the most challenging girl out there to conquer for any of those seek and destroy types. Cause I just don't care or have any interest, like, at all.

So moving onwards and forwards, I have turned my focus towards friends and art. This weekend after rehearsal I think I want to see one of the million things going on at Lincoln Center. The NYFF is going on right now, my office got a private invite to the after party. Seems like something I'd wanna check out, but it is on a work night . . . but maybe that doesn't matter. And they are showing this cool movie "Sideways" directed by the guy who did About Shmidt and some other stuff. It's got Paul Giamatti in it too, and the director and stars are gonna be there. They are actually showing a ton of other cool stuff I can't see cause of rehearsal. But there's Chamber Music and Operas too. All kinds of good stuff going on there.

So I'm not reallly living the stereotypical single-girl-in-the-city life, cause I'm just married to myself and my friends for now. That and I'm not dating. Dating is way lame anyways. I've always preferred just hanging out.

But then again, if I was ever approached by that "Berger" character from Sex in the City, I'd drop everything, even if he dumps me via "post it note", hell I was dumped via phone call. Almost as bad.

Oh yeah, and continuing as an impartial viewer, I was wowed by the Yankees once again. They played some fine ball. The Red Sox just seem so pissy sometimes. They need that winning spirit, I think the Yankees have that- this ultra confidence, and no I don't chalk it up to their money. Other teams do beat them all the time. The Sox just don't seem as fun and happy. Once again, I am still open to being wowed by them. They just haven't done it for me yet.

And this article just made me hungry for some yummy ribs.
Edwards Ribs Bush
So I went to go get some, and the owner asked me if it was my first time there, I say yes. He says, "It's on me." Nice. Free lunch!

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