Friday, October 01, 2004

Kissy Kissy

Yeah, so neither candidate impressed me as anticipated. There was just no fire or anything new out of either of them. Content wise, I think Kerry did a better job of course, but either way, not as good as I want in a President. Still I think Kerry's abilities far far outweigh anything Bush could do. Oh dammit. Gore was better. Stupid media.

And George Bush is a Mother Fucker.

But my favorite commentary came from my roommate right as the two shook hands at the beginning. "Oh my god Heather, they got so close I totally thought they were going to kiss." I personally thought it was funny watching Bush pretend to be literate when he started taking notes after Kerry was doing it, and could only imagine him scribbling pictures of puppies and naked people on those peices of paper.

Kissy kissy!

Moving onward . . .
So I had a dirty dream last night about someone I know, and already found attractive, but now much more so. Dreams are some crazy fucking things. The dream was one of those that you wake up in the morning thinking about and it stays with you the whole day. And sometimes you'll have a dream about someone you never thought about before, but apparantly your subconscious has some special inclinations towards a person you were never aware of. I remember this one time I hooked up with Eminem in a dream and then I never looked at him the same again. Of course, I previously had not found Eminem attractive, but the dream was so detailed and vibrant I just couldn't help it- but by now the impact of the dream has worn off, so has the attraction. I dream in full color, and I can smell and taste and feel and hear everything, it's kinda nuts. But yeah, so last night's dream, not about Eminem, is basically filling my brain with pure filth this morning. You know what the best part was too that strikes me? It was in the beginning of the dream when I was kissing his back and his neck for what seemed like an hour. So weird. But I much prefer this to one of those lame dreams where I can fly or when I am stuck in my parent's old deisel car and I'm 5 and it's going out of control and I have to try and save everyone's lives. Anyhow, this kid I dreamt about better watch out cuz I am all like, um, looking forward to seeing him.

Click here, listen to Rachael Yamagata's "Worn me down". It's catchy, pretty good, her voice is cool too. But the video is stupid. In about 2 weeks they'll be streaming the whole new Jimmy Eat World album for free on Yay.

And did ya hear Madonna enrolled at Oxford to start a degree in English! That's so fucking cool, I want Madonna in my class.

Screw my Kill Bill costume. Somebody please buy me this Pretty Princess costume instead.

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