Monday, October 18, 2004

Let's Snuggle.

Salvador Dali with Walt Disney back in the day.
I began my weekend by seeing this animated short after work and discovering yet another beautiful stretch of SoHo on my way. This time it was Broome St. I discovered a chocolate store/bar, where they just had all kinds of chocolate treats, and this wine store/bar that specializes in wines from the Hudson valley, and when you go in you can taste all the wines, and sample away. Then on my walk home, I saw the best little kitten in a store window, and then I saw the most amazing lobsters in the world. It was on Bleeker at this place called "Fish", and they had fresh seafood on display. And there where these two lobsters in the window and they were the biggest ones I've ever seen. The width of the claw was at least 5 inches- no kidding. And I thought maybe it was fake, but then I saw its antlers moving around and its ugly little breathing flappy things moving too. I can't even guess how many pounds it was. It looked like it could've been 10 lbs, and there were two of em! Crazy lobsters!

They looked like this and they were very big.

I had been feeling kinda down earlier that day so I appreciated all the things the city offered to entertain me. And then my roommate wanted to go to this SHU Law party thingy in Hoboken, and I was like, well sure, it's only a few blocks away, why not. At first I felt kind of stupid going to this party when I don't go to the school anymore. But I actually ended up having a lot of fun. Which I guess can happen when you have low expectations, and you get really really drunk. All I know is that I said absurd things to people which were . . . entertaining . . . to remember in the morning, and I managed to break the lamp by my nightstand, and somehow my purse was buried in my closet. And I had a mysterious color on my tongue in the morning and I didn't eat anything that color. That's never happened to me. And I still have no answers to that disconcerting mystery.

About baseballs

I decided that I am not a fan of either team because I just don't like how that divides people. I can appreciate both teams and both sets of fans, but here's something I don't get- why do Yankees Haters like the Red Sox so much if they have such a hard time beating them? I mean don't you think that Yankees Haters would love a team that actually beat them more often? But here's why I don't entirely dislike the Red Sox. Their sadness and patheticness is kind of charming. And the fans are weird and I like weird.

But I am still leaning on the Yankee side. I remember when I was little, I only even thought there were two teams in the world- Mets and Yankees. They were the only ones I ever heard of. The whole baseball world was a weird mystery to me. My dad doesn't watch sports and neither does the rest of my family. So actually it was from these two brothers that I grew up with that I had any insight on the mysterious world of baseball. I just faintly remember them talking about these two teams, Yankees and Mets, and I think one liked one and the other liked the other. But I just never knew anyone who cared about baseball before. Even still, it wasn't until last year that I had someone in my life that gave a shit about it. And I decided Matsui is my favorite Yankee. He's just too cool. Oh yeah, and I like base running. That's when it's exciting. I remember on Saturday, even though they got creamed, the Sox had some nice plays. Or at least some impressive ones, like when they all were running on the bases and were safe- I think that was the 3rd inning. And please don't expect me to know what I am talking about- all I know is when I am entertained.

There's all these ads during the games about Chevy being an American Revolution. Um, what on earth kind of stupid ass revolution are they referring to? Like, rise up trucks, against your truck opressors? Who's opressing the trucks? Is this something I don't know about? Well if that is going on I guess that's upsetting. Trucks are ok. I guess maybe they are maketing the car to revolutionaries? Like it's the car that Che or Marx would've driven? Or maybe like, Harriet Tubman would drive a Chevy. And then people could throw up their fists at her and yell "crazy woman driver, get off the road" and Harriet Tubman would give them the finger from the safety and security of her rugged 4 by 4 pick up truck, and then maybe she would plow them over with her 20-inch wheels.

Sunday night I was a bit disappointed in myself. I had gotten on the guest list for the New York film festival closing night party. And last year's party was attended by Gael Garcia Bernal, Natalie Portman, Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro. Surely this would've been a night to remember. But I didn't go cause it was just too damned cold. And it was a Sunday night. And it was all the way on the upper west side near lincon center. It would've been a pain in the ass. Oh well, I suppose nippy weather is one of my daddies.

I also saw an amazing movie: Reversal of Fortune- And Jeremy Irons got the Oscar for this in 1990. Glenn Close blew me away in it too. And the characters were so absurb and interesting- that's why it shocked me to discover it was a true story. See this freakin movie if you can.

Ah well, in final news, I had written about an amazing Comedy Talent from New Zealand I think back in July, "Flight of the Concords". Well, I freakin knew they were somethin. NBC has already snatched them up with some development deal. Soon enough you will all be able to enjoy their brilliant comedy too!

And what's with the title of this post?

I just love snuggling! Yay snuggling!

Yay snuggle bear!

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