Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A man tickles a robot.

Quote from a friend's email today, "Yo, I’ve never shaved my pupes! Alright!"

Pupes is totally an awesome thing to call pubes instead of calling them pubes (regardless of spelling intentions). And might I suggest that you try incorporating this word into your vocabulary and using when trying to impress, as in (pulling forward pants for demonstration) "Yo, these are my pupes." or "Hey lady/sir, check out my pupies! (pronounced p-you-pees)" or what's sure to be a winner, (gently nudge your company before speaking) "Them are pupes." (then show evidence).

So the first performance is today at 4pm! Yikes! I love this play, I love this part, I love my costars, playwrite, director- I want to be good!

I'm a bit nervous!

In the news: R&B heartthrob Usher is reportedly the unwitting star of a new pornographic tape, featuring him having sex with two women. The tape was allegedly made seven years ago when Usher was 19, after he had performed at a nightclub. It features a naked woman moaning "Ush" while TLC track "Waterfalls" plays in the background.
Ew. Not only do I never want to see Usher having sex, but there is something totally frightening about someone moaning Ush (even if your name is Usher, but wtf kind of name is Usher anyway? It's a name for Looosers), but doing it to "waterfalls"? That gives me indigestion. And indignation. And acid reflux.

And my girl Paris made a well-stated comment recently: "You always want to be with someone who's your biggest fan and treats you like a princess. When you date someone who bosses you around and is jealous of your career, it's not fun. I'm going to take a break from getting into another relationship. I've never been single in my life, and I think it's time I get to know myself. (Guys) come and go.. I've learned that you can only count on yourself to make you happy. And I'm fine with that."
Ah, there's nothing more refreshing than quoting Paris Hilton and meaning it. Well actually, have you ever sat in 240 dollars worth of pudding? That's not bad either.

Awww yeah.

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