Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Oh, I see why Yankees Haters like Red Sox

Cause they are good at irritating Yankees fans with their 35th inning wins! And also- Johnny Damon irritates me, because he's only kind of hot, but why can't he be totally hot? It's his nose. It reminds me of Chuck Norris. And I don't find Walker Texas Ranger remotely hot. It's just everytime I think I am looking at eye candy, I look at him a little longer, and realize his face is irritating. That Arroyo kid is cute with his little Beckhamish cornrows though. But still, my heart belongs to my favorite most sexy baseball player of all time, Daryl Strawberry.

And I've been learning too. Yesterday I found out what a "ball" was (as in ball versus strike) cause for some reason I thought it was when the pitcher throws the ball at you and hits you or something, but then I realized that you get balls when they don't actually hit you. But the second mystery was much harder to figure out. I had to ask like a billion people why the red sox had muds on their hats. Yankees fans all said cause Red Sox are dirt bags. Unconvinced of this analysis, I finally found out that it was "pine tar", and they do it for luck. Weirdos. Might as well tape garbage to their helmets. That would be neat.

And one final note, the economy makes Heather an old fashioned girl. I used to insist on splitting the tab, but two cheap boyfriends and a Bush economy later, if you offer, Heather accepts. Heather most certainly, greatfully accepts.

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