Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Oh well. We are the "whatever" generation

so . . . whatever. Another silly thing done, won't be my first, most certainly won't be my last. Hell some of you may know the video highlight of my college career (ya know, the thing about the balls?). I have no aversion to extreme public stupidity. I actually have something else shocking up my sleeve that I've told no one yet. And I'm not gonna. Ha! Reminds me of this quote I read the other day- "Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives
they must lead." - Charles Bukowski

As a crazy SOB, I can tell you from years of personal experience, it's the best way to live. I am happiest as an untamed beast.

David Hasselhoff knows how to be Crazy.

Which I am best at when I am single. In reaction to the horror of last night's episode, where everything was edited out except when I talked about my ex, I will reassure you all, yes- I have been canoodling with other boys- and I AM able to move on little by little. Ugh. Canoodling? I just used the freakin lamest word ever! But nonetheless I am stickin with it. Here, let me count how many boys I have either dated and/or made out with since the breakup . . . 10. A nice even 10. That's all the fingers on the hands. It's not bad, right? And no sex- so- I'm still a good little disease free girl (Or pimp daddy if you will. I will.)!


I got the Wicker Park soundtrack in the mail today. It's very very good.

Belly Dancing was lots and lots of fun. I am learning how to shake my ass like an expert. I want a certificate of that when I am done. That would be cool.

Oh, and how bout that there baseball. That Schilling dude is admirable and amazing, especially with all the bleeding. But without him I think the Red Sox suck. Arroyo is a cutie pie but he's no Schilling. It would be so cool if the Yankees were rich enough to buy him. Cause I would appreciate the comic elements of that. I know Schilling wouldn't do it- but man how pissed the BoSox would be!

I dunno if I am a Yankees fan, but I like to see them win. I like great things. Also, everyone hates the Yankees- it's so tired and stupid. So- one team over history is kinda special and super successful. They've been around forever, and like any good business with staying power, they are going to stand out. But teams do beat the Yankees, and they don't win every World Series. They just raise the bar and create a challenge and a very fun rivalry. Also, it's lame when people hate on success. And it's lame when people hate on people who have money. And if you hate on Yankees for being cocky- um- helllllooo- that's sports! Sports is all about that. Fantasy sports is all about shit talking, and sports fans are all about shit talking, and teams are all about shit talking. It's testosterone and competition for the sake of it, because in our daily lives we don't have enough opportunities to gloat.

O'Doyle Rules!

Video of the day: "Look what you've done" by Jet

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