Monday, October 25, 2004

Play Info

"Damage Control" will be playing at these times this week-
Tuesday 4pm
Thursday 2pm
Friday 8pm
Sunday 7pm
Monday Nov 1 8pm (for this performance you can reserve tix by calling 347 526 7275)
at The Producer's Club 358 W 44th St

Buy tickets here- I encourage you- if you can- to go to the Tues, Thurs, or Monday shows because Friday and Sunday will probably sell out. So at least reserve ahead of time.

ABOUT THE PLAY- It's a well written, funny and serious commentary on American politics and campaigns. Basically, a Senate campaign takes place in the South. And then stuff happens.

And warning, the theatre is small and it blows- but there is a nice little bar, and a short intermission. And don't leave at intermission cause it heats up in the second act BTW . . .

Also, the play isn't short. It's a solid 2 hours. And the theatre is in the space at the top of the stairs- top floor.

Hmm, what else?
If you live in Hoboken, it's really easy if you take the bus from Washington Street to the Port Authority, exit the Port Authority on 9th Ave, and walk uptown 3 blocks to 44th. Make a right, it's near the corner there, the entrance is next to "Joe's Pub" and the Awning says "PC" for Producer's Club on it.

Otherwise, find your way to 44th st and 9th ave. You'll see it. The A,C,E stops right near there too. (It's between 8th and 9th, closer to 9th)

And if you happen to know any producers or philanthropists, encourage them to come. The playwrite's goal is to have this picked up and turned into some big budget production. So yeah, invite such people.

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