Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Scrumptious Little Babies

What happens to women without men? Hmm, I dunno- World peace . . . or naked tickle fights at pajama parties? No, not tickle fights. Yeah, I'd have to say, a world without men would be a world without war and violence, and fucking sweet lipgloss for everyone. And perfect bionic manbots with Brad Pitt bodies, Colin Ferrell faces, Bill Clinton smarts, Vincent Gallo creativity, and Hugh Grant personality. Or at least I'd buy that one for me.

So, one performance down, 4 to go. It went well. But I just don't want to pat myself on the back or feel good about it until it's all over. It's funny too cause at the end of the play I feel so worked up, exhausted, and upset. I mean, I'm not really upset- it's just hard to shake off what I just had to let out on stage. Anyhow, right after the show, I remember that I have belly dancing at 7:30. And I go. And it's like a killer class where we do all these elaborate hip movements. Yeah, so I was beat. My room's a mess. It's a sad sad sight. And oh yeah- don't even think about coming to the show on Fri, Sun, or Mon nights without reservations. Yesterday's audience was bigger than expected, and it was, well- a Tuesday afternoon. This is a really good and a bad thing to me. I mean it's great to have good audiences- but I just don't want anyone I know to be turned away.

The Spongebob movie is coming. And I predict that it could be one of the top grossing movies of all time. Not only does it look spectacular (good lord I love Alec Baldwin!!!), but I expect it will be as well written as the show always is. And- it's going to pull in two huge and diverse crowds. It will pull in all the little kids- the kids that made Nemo the big bucks, and their families who watch with them AND the college aged, young, hip, likes rated R movies crowd- because Spongebob has already reached that audience via the tv show. I personally can't wait to see this.
Click here for the trailor

This movie looks really good too: In Good Company

What to do Halloween Saturday?
So lots of bars are having Halloween parties- I narrowed my interest down to these two:
1. McFaddens
2. Mannahatta, only 10 dollars if you call ahead
3. Hoboken?
4. Somethin else?

But I do know what to do on Election day after I vote. I am gonna go to The Madison in Hoboken, where the Hoboken Democratic Party will be holding its election watch party.

If Kerry wins, or wins Pennsylvania and Florida, I will buy whoever is with me a bottle of champagne (to share, of course), and maybe I'll even get down like in that Dr. Dre video (nuthin but a g thang baby?) and start pouring celebratory beers all over myself. If he loses, I'll cry- just like on tv- but like for real in person! Wanna see? Join me for one of the most important events in living history- the 2004 election. Will America do for me what the Red Sox did for Boston recently? Will we go from pathetic and embarrassing fuck-up of a nation run by Bush- or will be a legitimate, respectable country once again? I guess we'll find out just how stupid or smart we all are soon enough.

IMed to me today-
: Why dont you get a new boyfriend?
: i know thats prolly not that easy, but you are fink
: yer a stage actress
: and a blog writer
Hm. Didn't think about it like that before. But I think first, I'd like new pantyhose. All mine have got rips in em.

Oh, and a different friend told me yesterday that somebody told her that the Chinese food restaurants in France had gotten in trouble for making their food with baby meat. And she believed this and was very concerned and upset. Awesome. That's so so awesome.

Hmm, I have more to say today. But perhaps I've said enough. Oh no I've said too much. But that was just a dream. That's me in the corner.

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