Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Shake it like a polariod picture, salt shaker, or a homeless person.

Belly Dancing is so much fun! I went to my first class last night and it rules. Boys would just love being able to watch one of these. It's a class of like 30 girls from Hoboken who are just there to learn something fun. And it's so cool. The teacher walks in, she wears tons of makeup and done up, blonde, permed hairsprayed hair, and she talks about how important it is to move and feel feminine. And she said this thing when we were learning hip movements- "move your hip with power, like here- my hip has something very special it wants to show you". And to make a long story shorter, I was basically in a room of girls shimmying and shaking all of their round stuff. You should've seen us all do "shoulder shimmies", but it's not at all your shoudlers that you really notice shimmying. It's boobies everywhere. Plus I get to have a belly dancing name- you pick any name of Turkish, Greek or Middle Eastern origin and it's yours. Hooray! And there's fun scarves and shiny things and outfits!

Speaking of outfits- I got my Kill Bill costume today and it RULES! My boss loves it too, he was all- try it on! So I got to spend part of my morning in my costume. And the tags say Kill Bill on them and the bags are from Kill Bill/Mirimax in Singapore. Cool! I am so wearing this jacket all over the place. It looks like real leather too. And it fits like a glove I tell you. A GLOVE.

More thoughts to come, gotta do some freakin work for now . . . by the way, when I say shake it like a homeless person, I mean like when you grab a homeless person and shake the living daylights out of them.
Here's a how-to-guide to the art of shaking the homeless:
1. Grab said homeless person by the arms.
TIP- Make sure it's a sad looking one. They are more open to new experiences and far more ripe for the shaking. You may also substitute sad looking for desperate and starving.
2. In a back forth motion, push back and forth with ferocity.
TIP- Try screaming for added effect.
3. Shake, shake, shake! And enjoy, your homeless person should be shaking quite well as of now.

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