Thursday, October 07, 2004

"You know, I offer an annual percentage rate as low as 5.375% APR for a 30 year fixed rate conforming loan."

I got some spam from a Christian Mortgage Company. WTF is up with that? The lord doth want you to refinance your home? Damn pesky Christians. First it's book stores, then it's rock, stupid little bracelets, and now it's mortgages. Screw you guys. And stay the hell away from milk. I don't know why but I have this premonition that Christian milk is next and I really kinda feel protective about my milk so BACK OFF you sickos.

I have been having some luck lately. Well I had this particularly good day the other day, and have been bumping into an unsually large number of cherished old friends, and amongst other nice things happening, I found a 10 dollar bill on the ground. WOooOoo! That's 2 sandwiches right there.

Speaking of eating sandwiches, I can't find my ass. I lost weight a little while ago and it's kind of ridiculous. At first it seemed cool, but it's an awful lot. I think the only kinds of clothes that will look cool on me now are Paris Hilton clothes. But I don't want to wear that stuff. I want to wear my clothes. I have a little butt now, and that's ok, maybe even cute- but after years of having what my peers have termed as a "ghetto booty", I have come to the opinion that the booty is superior. Hell, I even learned to love the booty. I really miss you ghetto booty, now that you are gone. I have tried eating more hearty meals, but alas, I haven't heard from you in weeks, and I'm starting to think you've left me! Please call. I am sad without you.

Things have been good lately. And I've made a conscious choice not to shroud myself in negative energy. There's things in this world that could piss me off so much, but what's less important is complaining, and what's more important is flushing out the bad stuff with good stuff. The only complaining I'll do from now on is about silly stuff. Actually, I just reminding myself of my own approach to feminism- the one I was pushing back in my GW days when I worked on an "all-new feminist group"- which got deprioritized with the birth of Capitol goga. But all of my writing was all about a movement that doesn't focus on what's wrong, bad, or unequal. It was simply about pushing forward, promoting female role models, creating opportunities, and highlighting women's achievements. And I suppose that's the approach to life I am embracing.

It doesn't make me feel good to have to think about all the negative stuff. When I let my mind absorb all the pain in the world, it's just exhausting. I don't want to volunteer my mind for a dip in the pool of bullshit that could bring me down. I don't intend to be ignorant of it either. I intend to be aware of it all. I am hyper aware of all the painful facts of my own world and society.


I'd rather try to make things work for myself and others in the most positive way possible. Screw all the mofos out there who do things the wrong damn way and frustrate others cause they are assholes. I am making conscious choices to just not bother with the bullshit. Which I guess is good I am not becoming a lawyer because that's exactly what you do. You jump knee deep into the pain, desperation and frustrations of other people. That's gotta be so exhausting. I just don't want to hear it. I don't want to get involved. I just want to do my best at this life thing and hope to create enough positive energy that it spreads around.

And spread indeed, my bouts of good luck have immediately followed my reaffirmation of positivity. It's just fuel to keep it up.

I'll take champagne instead.

And this link is from a friend's website that I recently noticed.
Hybrid Car Guide. They're gonna make hybrid SUVs and trucks. Isn't that neat?

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