Wednesday, November 03, 2004

And the best part of my morning was puking up last night's big mac.

Cause I drank too much beer- not Champagne- beer. Yeah, it's gross, but so is America. We, the democrats, lost. We lost so fucking badly. We lost Daschle. We lost the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and we will lose the Supreme Court very shortly. And there's not enough Jeffords in the world to save us now.

And yeah, the election was close, and maybe there's voter fraud and Kerry would've truly won. But that doesn't matter. A lot of people voted for Bush this time and last time no matter how close it was, and that's a fact nobody can deny. Millions of Americans spoke, and that was what they had to say.

But here's my messages:
1. Dear Republicans- you won. But please remember, there's a lot of people in this country who don't see things your way. Please please respect them. Please consider that we are out there. Please give a shit about us. Please don't trample on human rights as severely as you now can get away with. Please don't blow up all the countries in the world that aren't America, and that are run by people with darker skin than yours. Please don't make the world a more dangerous place for women and take away our reproductive rights. Don't take away the birth control pills that enable me to have the freedom to chose my path in life. Please don't make the world unbearable for gay people. Please don't go so soft on guns that I wind up seeing them in my face. Most of all, please just try to consider how much power you now have, and how many people out there are different than you are, and that they matter.

2. Dear Democrats and Kerry- FUCK YOU. I am a Democrat deep down to the fucking blood pumping in the center of my heart- but fuck you guys for what you've done. You've turned into bullshit. The fact that this time and last time it was so close makes me sick. Bush? Are you fucking kidding me? The fact that both times he was hard to beat is just ridiculous. It's downright absurd and hey Democratic party- you've let me down. I hate your candidates. You aren't ballsy enough. You are too safe, and too scared- and you've been bullied around. And my god did I love Daschle. And he lost. He was one of the only ones out there who raised his voice. I hate Gephardt, the biggest fucking weak ass sad mofo on the party.

For example- here is an excerpt of an episode of CNN Crossfire where I asked Gephardt a question, and he answered it like Bush's bitch:
PRESS: OK, Congressman, we have a tough but fair question from Heather Fink of Roxbury, New Jersey.

HEATHER FINK: Hi. I was wondering why congressmen and our president are talking about providing another tax refund, or another tax rebate, which would, I guess, provide indirect economic relief, when we could just provide direct economic relief (this episode was about Sept 11, I meant we should apply the funds directly where they are needed to deal with Sept 11) with the existing or remaining surplus?

GEPHARDT: Well, right now what we're trying to figure out is what should, can we do to help the economy respond to this problem. And it's a far-reaching problem. I mean, people are afraid people aren't, maybe shopping as much as they should, going to work, blah blah blah.

So we need to find ways to respond properly. One set of ideas is to add to the rebate that's already out there, so that -- especially to people who didn't get the rebate, people at the lower end of the earnings ladder, so they can -- they'll spend their money and get out and do things.

We're also looking at helping local governments. One of the things we have to look at now are local governments. I met with our fire and police people in St. Louis yesterday, and I said, "Are we ready for further problems?" And they feel the need for more training of their officers, better equipment to deal with some of these problems. So those are the variety of things that we're rooking at, again, hoping we can do it in a bipartisan way in the next few days.

This is the Democrats problem, this is why Kerry "flip flopped". They were scared. They were weak. They were too careful not to piss anyone off. But that's just it. You don't get anywhere without pissing people off. At least not in politics. Just look at Bush. He has said some crazy ass shit and made a lot of people very angry- and he is the victor.

3. And fuck Dean. The only candidate with any balls, and he just acted like too much of a damn hippy, and alienated too many people, we lost the only individual in the bunch. I was a Dean head this time around, and last time I had originally backed Bradley.

4. I am afraid and sad for the next few years. The bad guys have won so so big this year, in the past few years. Bin Laden has won. Look at our fucking country now. Now before I say what I am going to say, let me reiterate that I OF COURSE think what happened to our country on 9/11 is so fucking horrible, and that I hate Bin Laden, that it hurts, that it's so fucked up, that there's not words to describe how awful it was. But what they are saying about America is right. We are bad guys. Not that Americans are bad. And I would never think we deserved 9/11. And I don't think any country or people deserve war or destruction or terrorism. But our government is shameful. Halliburton is shameful. We exploit. As Lenin predicted, Imperialism is the height of Capitalism. And America right now, is displaying the flaws of capitalism clearer than crystal. Now I am not a communist, but ideally, our government should borrow ideals from Communism and Capitalism, and try to be more than what it is.

The bad guys won this year in all areas for me. Bush, Bin Laden, Dean Boozang, Brian and Ashley. And it's something I've got to live with. That there's evil in the world, and you've got to live life, get up out of bed every day, and accept it.

5. It's going to be ok. We can get through this. If anything, the next few years are gonna be like a quick dark age, some medieval times. Aw hell, I like Medieval Times, they have good sodas. It ain't fucking over till it's over. Maybe we aren't ready to be enlightened yet. But I still have hope for an American renaissance. Something is going to be brewing in the minds of the people. After all, the universe was born of dust, and from dust and dirt and ruins, the soul of the people can emulsify, and hopefully from oppression, the voice of the people can stir so loudly and quietly in the minority, that it ruptures into the loudest, proudest voice the future has ever seen. It's going to be ok. We still have the future. The smart people are still out there. And they are just restrategizing. We are going to come back bigger and better than ever. I KNOW IT.

6. I can't do nothing. I am going back to politics, I mean sure I'll still do creative stuff too. But If there's one thing I know how to do, it's exactly what the Democrats failed on. I can raise my voice unapologetically, and embarrassment and fear do not run through my veins. I'll fucking run for office. I'll take whatever attacks could be thrown at me. I'll say anything and everything that has to be said, and I'll say it loud and proud, and clearly. I'll take risks, I'll say controversial things. And that's exactly what any Democrat who thinks they have a chance in hell is going to have to do. Cause safe wussy bitch doesn't work anymore. And while I know I lack the pedigree of a Presidential hopeful, I'm running for Congress. Maybe not yet, but the wheels are turning. I'm planning it out. Come hell or high water, I'm not just gonna run my mouth about the things I care about. And if I have to move to DC in few years, I don't want to, but I'll do it. I may not have gone to Yale, and I don't come from a powerful or influential family, and hell I've done a lot of "questionable things", but I just can't complain this much, open my mouth this much, and just sit back and let other people ruin elections for me. If I want to put my money where my mouth is, I've got to put my own ass on the line. First steps first, I'll need money. So I guess I've got to make more. Hmm, we'll see. But if there's a will there's way. And goddamn. There's a will.

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