Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bush killed Laci.

All this stuff goin on in the news is just a trick to keep your mind off the war. I think Bush sent that girl to Kobe's room. Bush sent that little boy to Michael Jackson's house. Bush killed Laci Petersen. Bush was fuckin Paris Hilton in that video. Bush lied to me! Iraq's the most dangerous country in the world. If they're so dangerous why'd it only take 2 weeks to take them over? You can't even take over Baltimore in two weeks. Weapons of mass destruction? We couldn't even find a wiffle ball bat. Ain't even a fuckin fly swatter! NOT A DAMN THING. I thought we was after Bin Laden? Saddam Hussein? That's so 80's. Feels like a bad VH1 special. Shit before you know it it'll be hammer time again! -Chris Rock

Best election oriented away message of the day.

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