Friday, November 05, 2004

By the way, the song "Work" on Jimmy Eat World's Futures is pretty great.

Ah the wisdom of wording things simply.

I saw this really awesome leather jacket on the ground this morning. I thought about picking it up. But I thought maybe there was murder juice on it or something. Why would someone abandon such a beautiful genuine leather jacket? That's like abandoning a loving child.

My Aunt Ineke and Uncle Ger are coming from Holland this weekend! YAY! MY FAVORITE! So I guess I am gonna hitup my home town this weekend. I haven't seen suburbia since September. I'll bet the trees are pretty. Mmm I love the smell of fall in my hometown. Pumpkins and Apples! Jersey's gotta be one of the best places in fall. It's all hilly and filled with trees and apple orchards and pumpkin patches, and it's not too cold like New England and not too warm like the South. I am biased.

By the way, I used to be appauled at how bad the acting of the "coop" and ryan characters on the OC were, but they definately were sent to acting lessons between seasons. Great improvement on their part. The show is looking like its getting better. And don't compare this to 90120. It's far far better written and better acted and I think the best comedy writing on television right now (besides maybe Daily Show and Adult Swim shows and Curb Your Enthusiasm). And the music kicks ass. And the guys are so fucking hot on that show it's sick. 90210 guys weren't hot. And I love Rachel Bilson/Summer. Great great character. Oh yeah, and I would say that watching Mishca Barton screaming like an idiot is one of the most finely crafted moments in television ever. Yeah, that was fucking stupid. But cool. Totally cool.

And now I refuse to discuss my relations with young men on this blog unless it involves bashing the dickhead ex or it's particularly noteworthy. But I had to share something from yesterday. While sharing a fun moment with a young gentleman, I was blown away by the scenery. We were standing on my favorite NYC street, Bedford, where it's quiet and almost residential, all the buildings are old new york- brownstones and cobblestones, and the street lamps were perfectly shining through the rain. The rain was soft and the water on the ground reflected the lights of the city, and some dude freestyled in the background. It looked like a movie set. I love this fucking place.

And lately, I love my job. Everything is gonna be alright.

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