Monday, November 08, 2004

Cheap Voyeuristic Thrills

Some recent fun photos- there's more in my camera, I just gotta get them outta there!
This is from a little while ago. I bet you didn't know I could freestyle like Jay-Z, but I can:

And I have a magical beam of light coming out of my nose cause I'm all magic n stuff.
Jakob's a freestyler too. But I think maybe I upstaged him.

I went to this place called "Max Fish" this weekend and I really thought it was a fun place. It was filled with overdressed underdressed hipsters and too-cool-for-school white people, and some too-cool-for-white-people black people. Notice in the back of this picture is a pony thingy that you can ride for 50 cents. Now I don't know if it was ridable. I was too lazy to find out. But I do know that you can sit on it. And I'm glad it was there because just in case I got too bored there was a pony for me to sit on, and then I assume that I just wouldn't be bored anymore. Oh yeah, and this was yet ANOTHER hot spot in NYC that displays Porno at the bar. It seems to be the cool thing. Actually, the place I was at in the freestylin photo was playing pornos too. This porno was kinda neat though cause it seemed to have been made in the 50s or 60s or whateva.

That's Judd- on the right. He gets credit for taking me to Max Fish a.k.a., The Place With the Happy Pony. You've probably surmised that we are drinking alcohol. It's because I am trying to kill my baby. Judd's carrying my baby. Surpise Judd! I guess finding out via my blog isn't the best way to break the news, but aw hell, I'm having your baby, and you're carrying it. But don't worry honey cause I am almost certain you can drink it out of existance. That's not all that funny of me, huh? I had better stop here.

On Halloween this guy dressed as a doctor and had jello shots for "medicines". I was a fan of this man and his yummy shots.

This is a cast photo from the play I just did. If you zoom in real close you can see that you can see some skin peaking out of my buttoned up shirt. If you zoom in real close you can also see that you're a freakin perv. Perv!

I have more pictures to get out of there. I wish it was as simple as shaking the camera to get them out. Just like in this greeting card I used to love from where the daddy says to the baby "Give me back my seed dammit", and he is literally trying to shake his seed out of the baby. Too bad you can't find that on the net anymore . . .

Oh yeah, and a discovery from my Dutch relatives this weekend, did you know that they referred to the Janet Jackson thing as "Nipplegate". They think we're all pretty weird over here . . .

And in conclusion, I found out that my mom had a stockpile of amazing boots from the 70s and 80s and now I have 5 new pairs of boots and I am gonna feel so fancy walking about in these fucking things!

Not these kinda boots:

or these kinda boots:

He seems very angry, eh?

More like these kinda boots:

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Kevin said...

I used to love that SparkCard. I'm not sure if I ever fully understood the joke, but I loved it nonetheless. It's hard to believe that those twisted bastards at Spark now produce legitimate pedagogical paraphernalia for Barnes & Nobel.