Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I like music cause it sounds nice.

Here is a visual that I found on the net and I don't understand it's meaning yet but it makes me feel a little uneasy. I'm sorry I'm sharing it with you. If you want more satisfaction, check out the links at The AR (still in development).

Last night was a whole lot of fun, and to those of you who were invited but didn't come- you're a bunch of sorry ass chumps!!! See, my original accompaniment backed out last minute, and I had a ticket to give away, and fianlly last minute the Amazin Shayna decided to come. And then some others peoples I knew came too. And we all had a whole lot of fun. Webster Hall is a REAAALLy great venue too. Beautiful, big and roomy, cosy, clean, and I could see the stage. And the crowd was in such good spirits I had quite a lot of fun jumping around like a high school kid. But now I do think I want to go to some crappy punk/ska band show cause the kids rock out a little harder there. Is Real Big Fish still touring? They'd be fun. I love jumping around and moshing and acting like an ADD kid who ate too much sugar and beer. But the crowd was lively nonetheless. Much better than the crowd when they performed the one other time I saw them at GWU.

And there were lots of cute boys. Kind of like the first day of law school and college where there were all these amazing fresh new faces- but the ones in my college were mostly gay and the ones in law school were mostly douchebags. Some were gay douchebags. But anyhow, any cute boy at this show got extra points for being a fan of Jimmy Eat World and had elevated attractiveness status in my book. Cute boys in general are getting elevated status in my heirarchy of important things. The list is now kind of like this:

1. Kitties
2. Cute Boys
3. Cupcakes
4. The O.C.
5. Being Kind to Others
6. Lipgloss
7. The Internet
8. Terminators
9. Dutch People
10. My friends and family

Yeah that's about right.

Anyhow. Jimmy Eat World played really well of course, but I expected that. One great thing about shows is it makes listening to the CD so much better cause there's more heart behind the songs once you see them performed. And that visual of the band members sweating and moaning and tearing their instruments to shreds is a great enhancement to all the songs. Oh yeah, and I didn't like the main opening bands, Razorlight and Recover, but I did like the one before it, Gratitude. I think they have potential. And I ended up talking to the lead singer of that band and he was really nice. My friend liked the drummer and we had almost arranged a rendezvous for them, but I think we were distracted by watching the show and so that little subplot fell through. And I met some lovely people myself. Ah I'll shutup about it now. In conclusion I had a pleasant evening.


I'm wearing cowboy boots today! A source of happiness.

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