Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Voted!

I Voted! For John Kerry! It was my first non-absentee vote. Them booths is silly. It was all electronic- some old folks really didn't seem to like the little blinky green lights.

Ohh I have so much to tell you all about. I am gonna have to squeeze out some good entries this week.

I guess first things first, last night was the final performance of "Damage Control". Friday and last night's crowds were the best. I was so proud to be in this play too. The script was fantastic, each and every other actor was great. I don't think you could pick out one bad one. There's nothing better than being part of something like that.

Walking away from it, there's something the director said to me last night that, well, I guess left an impression on me. He said "Heather, you have something that cannot be learned, and you should really think about acting." Well that's really cool that I could make that impression. I am happy about that. And this guy was there who was the VP of Columbia Entertainment and he also said something like that to the director. But even more fun to me was how my mom came for the second time, and the lights were lower in this show cause they were filiming it, and I could see her eyes, in my final-big-fat-dramatic scene, and I saw this big smile, and her eyes were all tearing up. And I like that I could make her proud. I mean, they were all really upset for me with law school and Brian and everything, it meant something that they could see me "in my element", and I guess being "strong" again.

But here's why I like acting, and here's why I do it-
I like to do things that are challenging. I want to take a role, and see if I can find that in me, see what's inside there, how far I can stretch it, and what I am capable of. When someone sees me do something on stage, and says- I didn't know you could do that, or how did you do that- that's what I like. I like it if I can find something inside of there to pull out and share with others. I mean, one huge reason I went to law school was to challenge myself, apply myself to my fullest potential- unfortunately, law school was not the best conduit for my personal talents- and as much as I liked the idea of trying to succeed at something that didn't come naturally to me- the powers that be did not, and it sucked for me. So I guess for me it's about the challenge. If I learned one thing from this it's that acting, at least if you are trying to be good, is really fucking hard work. And I like that.

But in the meantime I think I want to work on a little side project of being a rock n roll star, or at least more realistically, singing with a band in some bar in the NYC/Hoboken area. I really would like to try it all while I have the freedom to.

Arg- today is so crazy! Not a doubt in my mind that Ohio is this year's Florida- it's so gutwrenching! Oh our America could change tonight, can you feel it! If I learned anything from the BoSox fans, it's that you gotta believe!!!

VOTE FOR KERRY and I'll buy you champagne, and give you a kiss even, but not on the mouth (rule will bend for all those by the name of Colin Ferrell), but nonetheless, kisses and champagne, everybody loves that!!!

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