Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ice Cold

A bunch of dorks on Holiday.

Ok, so George told Dara who bitched about it with Tara and then told me about how Britney didn't intend to plan our 5 year high school reunion (all real names). And you know what happens when someone tells me about things like this. I get all uppity and start doing things. So, I picked a bar in Hoboken, and made an evite, and told people to go. And then I upped the ante by paying 15 dollars to the evil spamming popup-ad fuckers over at, and I became a "gold" member. So this way I could just email all those people in one shot and tell them to go. And most people are happy about it. Most people think this will be fun. Most people are curious. But this one chick who was so not on my shitlist is now on my shitlist for her "rsvp".

She replied, "I'd rather poke my eyes out." Oh really? Hmm, well is she some kind of super awesome chick with so much super awesome stuff to do? As a matter of fact, this is coming from someone who I pretty much always, without fail, see at our little neighborhood "MoBar" every single time I come home and go to it. Not that I am knocking it- it's fine- but I am sure that even it's regulars would look forward to an occasion to do something different for a change. But is that what this chick has to do that is so much better than go to some really cool bar in Hoboken and see people she hasn't seen in years? And if she is so much cooler than everyone from high school, why is she always hanging out with high school people at MoBar? Eh? Riddle me that.

Seriously, if you're in the area, and haven't already planned to do something else that night (it's the Friday after Thanksgiving), give me a fucking break. To all the stupid little snobs who think they are too cool to show up at a bar and have a fun time and party it up with the people you grew up with- eat my shorts. Cowabunga dude. You suck, and by all means, poke your stupid little eyes out.

Gosh, the concept of being too cool for something is definately some stupid American bullshit. After my mom dressed me in a hooded fur jacket in second grade with furry little pom poms, I learned very early on that I was definately not too cool for just about anything. Other children hate you when you wear a fur jacket. This is very very true. My mom thought it was so cute and got matching ones for me and my sister. These jackets full of painful memories have thankfully mysteriously dissapeared from my household.

And onwards, Dara told me there's some other website to look at (cause we want maximum exposure on this one- I want to see the dork who turned into the movie star and etc) and I looked for it and found this:

Could there be anything less interesting and more pointless than NARM?
"The National Association of Reunion Managers (NARM) is "The Voice of the Reunion Industry." Collectively, the members of NARM produce the majority of professionally planned reunions in the United States. Comprised of independent companies across the country, members of NARM subscribe to a Code of Ethics as well as a stringent set of Industry Standards."
Oh good, the reunion industry finally has the voice it so desperately needs in these rough times.

Oh yeah, and my neice asked me this weekend, "Auntie Heather, what's cooler than being cool?" Me- "I dunno, you are?" Her "Ice cold." You gotta love it when little girls listen to Outkast (and apparantly she loves Metallica too 'just like her daddy')

PS- "Snob" is another word for "I care a lot about what other people think of me and how cool I appear". "Dork" is another word for "I could give a fuck what other people think of me so long as I am having a good time."

Question of the Day: Would boys like me more if I was Halo 2?

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