Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm Just Sittin on the Dock of The Bay

Saw Mickybo and Me last night and loved it. It was really really funny. I am very picky about what movies are funny- and I'd say this consistently provided laughs throughout. These little kids were almost like live action South Park, in Ireland- not the same kind of subject material, but still. It was capable of providing an extremely entertaining adventure, laughs, and shedding light on the conflict in Northern Ireland (at least I think it was Northern Ireland, it might have been regular Ireland, but as far as I know the conflict is stronger in Northern Ireland, right? Plus I got some other clues that it was there, anyhow . . .). We were invited to see a screening of The Woodsman tonight and participating in a discussion afterwards, but honestly I don't know if that's what I want to be doing on a Friday night. Plus I don't really like pedophiles as subject material. Sorry.

At Rothko tonight there's going to be free Red Stripe Beer from 1 am to 4 am and free well drinks from 3am to 4am. (They're celebrating rennovating the place or something) That's . . . really compelling. I don't know if I can miss that even though I had intended to keep my ass in Hoboken. Whatever, we shall see.

And, bonus, you can attend a live online chat with John Cleese today at 1:30pm. Cool. John Cleese is da bomb.

Blink 182's new song Always is pretty good and so is the video. I used to like them accept I hated "All the Small Things" and most of that album. Dude Ranch was really great. I remember seeing them at Warped Tour 97 and nobody there was that into them. At Warped Tour 98, they were mobbed by hundreds of moshing-illiterate jocks. At Warped Tour 98 I thought I was so cool cause I kissed the bassist of Fenix TX, who at that time were named RiverFenix and were sued by River Phoenix's parent's for using that name. But they never did make it big . . . That was the last time I ever crowd surfed, accept for that time at Woodstock 99 when I wanted to get the fuck out of the front part of the audience. Audiences sure do change with the times.

When I got home around 11pm last night there was a batmobile parked in Hoboken. A real, functional Batmobile. I took pictures. Some guy said there were like 5 in the world. And some dude was driving it like a car. I asked were Batman was. Nobody knew where the owner was. If I was to bed any super hero it would be Batman. Ah, it's time to appreciate hot guys, yet again. In the movie last night there were scenes from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Ugh sooo hot. And also watching that was the first time it occured to me why the Sundance Film Festival was called the Sundance Film Festival. Duh me! BTW- Robert Redford is the hottest older man. Seriously- other dudes have not aged as well (I have never found Sean Connery attractive and never will) ooh but Richard Gere- he's pretty good . . .

Seriously Seriously Hot Cowboys.

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