Thursday, November 11, 2004

Movies on the mind

Went to a screening of "Finding Neverland" last night and had a terrific time. Much of the fun to be had took place before the movie however. First I met the coolest lady while standing on line, Jeri. And her website is: We reflected on the virtue of turning your life upside down and reexaming what you are going to do with it. Her son, for example, went to law school, but does not work as a lawyer. He reviews the arts for the New York Post instead. I'd say he made a good choice. And then these women sitting next to me at the movie shared great burglary stories.

One woman was nodding off on the subway, and she had a dwane reed bag sitting on the ground next to her legs, with a big huge thing of toilet paper in the bag. Someone stole her toilet paper! Awesome. And then the other woman said this guy tried to mug her, and she told him, "Listen, I don't really have anything good in there. Take what you want, but please let me have my keys." He takes the bag, looks inside it, very stunned, has a very embarrassed look on his face, takes nothing, throws the bag on the ground, and runs off. Awesome.

And before the show there were giveways and PRIZES! I LOVE PRIZES. I think that a boy could win my heart by throwing private givaways and drawings for me so that I could win big. And boy did I ever win big. I won the big prize- Sceneit, a new DVD movie trivia game. I don't know if I am going to like it, but it was free and I won it! I won it by answering how many movies Depp and Burton did together and what they are. Do yoooo know the answer?

And while on line this guy said in a very sneaky and sleuth-like way, "Hey, you guys, we are doing a special screening tomorrow of National Treasure, and it's not like this one, it's going to be very small, like 25 people, we are looking for a certain kind of people to come, we want you to see it." I think he invited me cause I was wearing this very smart new jacket I bought and he must have noticed the unique leather detailing. David thought it was because they were going to have their way with me. That's not how he phrased it though. David has a vile potty mouth. And I am going to see it, but I feel regret that I will miss the next O.C. Somebody tape/tivo it please!

Me: I think I just got hit in the head with a quarter
David: Live it up, it's your money now

Best movie websites:
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Ebert's searchable reviews
Ain't it cool

And here's a treat- a silly little film short from the folks at Asbury Shorts. I'd say the most charming thing about this short is the actor's performance.

Movies are so on the mind I was even talking about em while at breakfast this morning at Grey Dog- great place- I recommend it. But it is no surprise I was talking about them. Movie talk always unites New Yorkers big and small.

Finally, my review of "Finding Neverland":
It's a really well-told story. Good movie, well done, not great, not a new favorite-very enjoyable. It also seemed difficult to convey, so big props to the screenplay. I think one challenge was reflecting JM Barrie's love and appreciation of youth, what he means by never growing up, without making him seem weird or Micheal Jacksonish. And I love the portrait. JM Barrie is a man who did grow up and knows what it means to grow up- but his appreciation of the distinction rather than his appreciation of youth itself is what I found compelling. It's well acted all around- but the very best acting is by the little boys. They are grrreat. And good lord- Depp's charisma. His mark as an actor to me is his subtlety. I find his style of acting more influential than any actor, at least for what I enjoy about acting. He just goes there- whereever it is- owns the character or world he is in- and becomes it entirely. Now there are no gutwrenching scenes that blow you away. There's just a heart-felt sincerity and subtle complexity Depp is able to handle. Most of all, he's able to portray subconscious emotions. I don't think he should get an oscar for this. I think that's in his future. But man, he's the greatest actor of this generation. And damn is he sexy. He's god-sent, almost like the flawless Franceze from SHU Law (for those of you who go there)- you don't know why they are so perfect, but they are.

When you watch him in this totally non-sexual role, he is just non-stop devastatingly sexy. Every second you look at him he is just beaming- it's damned incredible.

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