Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Pilgrims and the Indians Broke Bread Together

I would enjoy seeing a music video for a hardcore band that is nothing but the music playing over a still shot of pilgrims like these. And then in the final 5 seconds, there would be slutty pligrim cheerleaders running around screaming. I can't wait till I grow up to be a director.

Shooting the Shit on Wednesday night.

I had tons o fun Wednesday night- a night which began with me being fucking exhausted after work, not because work is hard- but because I don't get enough sleep. I got home, without much certainty that after I took off my shoes that I would be able to move off my messy bed. I had given up on the idea of bothering taking the train home on this rainy night, was feeling completely sad and miserable, decided to purchase a big steak and a big bottle of wine. Ate that, changed my mind, hopped on the train to Morristown, and decided to meet my friends at a bar there. I really like the Office and the crowd that goes there. But I really hate the crowd at other Morristown bars (Jimmys is for bungholes). We went to the Office and I had fun and met some interesting blokes. Some I had met while hitching a ride with strangers, but they were really very innocent looking and I didn't have much choices- I thought that the bar was walkable from the train station but I was wrong. Allz I know is that I ended up at some random house in Rockaway where this kid had this awesome projector thingy on his wall and a nice selection of mp3s as well as a nice cowboy hat.

The "Reunion" was rather pleasant. A good group of people came, and I saw some faces that I had missed over these years. Coolest thing- one chick is in the secret service and she gets to use guns and everything! Dammit she's so cool I hate myself. Anyhow. It wasn't a ton of people or anything, but enough different faces to make it worth the effort. But I got really worn out. When the bar closed, we decided to go into the city for the 2-5am bracket. The bar was ok. I was happy when the DJ played Billy Idol's cradle of love. I was even happier when the DJ paid for our cabs back to Hoboken cause super late night Path riding always blows fat ones.

Us in between Hoboken and NYC. The joy of PATH riding.

My mom taught me how to say "I am a little bit retarded" in Dutch this weekend. I can't spell it though. But I like to say it. I can't wait to go back. I can also say that I am romantically in love with the cows. I figure I need to know these things if I ever attempt to court a Dutch lover. Thanksgiving like most holidays always kinda depressed me because we have these 2 distant families- our Dutch family and our Jewish family. Our Jewish family is all split up in distant places across the US, and our Dutch family is, well, in Holland. But we do have some relatives that are my grandma's sister's family, and we always meet up in Long Island on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and that's really the one and only time of year that we do something regular every year, with people we are related to. And as much as it's the same old same old, I like it. But it's getting smaller. Some family moved, some family passed. But we're still doing it, and I guess I hope we keep it up forever.

Finally, I ought to share things that I do not like:
- People who use the word "re-donk-ulous".
- Hairs in the eyes or mouth. Get them out get them out.

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