Saturday, November 20, 2004

Saturday Surprise: Guest Blogger

From the man I referred to as my muse last Thursday:
First, i would like to say that i greatly appreciate your kind words. And in the same vein, i am going to have to turn you into MY muse. So, i've been talking and thinking about life and what makes it good and worthwhile. Seems that a great many of us really dont know our asses from our elbows. But what i think i do know is that the surest way to happiness is in the act of creating.

This brings me to a memory of good ol' Gee Dub. I used to have lots of ideas, ones that seem brilliant to me. And you always end up hearing about some bullshit invention that you know you thought of before, but never carried it out. I dont want this to happen again. Recall our idea for Mrs. Pussy Pants (patent pending)? i think that if we can somehow get gina on board, with all her undergarment knowledge-she's actually working in a panty office-i think that idea can really go forward. But how do you really start a business? I mean, i think it's somewhat obvious, but could it really work? in addition, but separate to all that, i have been considering the pet industry. you know how crate training for dogs is highly preferred now, and is supposed to be the best method? well, i think i agree. what i do not agree with is how ugly those horrible big giant plastic crates look in someones house, not to mention how uncomfortale they look for the puppies to chill in.

my proposal is this: i plan to invent nice looking indoor 'crates' that act as little houses for dogs. why shouldnt their owners buy them a nice little house instead of a hard plastic jail cell? also, cats need help too. they have those scratching posts, but i hate them even more than the crates. why cant there be some kind of clay like material that is sculpted into something nice to put in your house, even tho the cats are gonna scratch it up anyway? well, there can be. i want to be a businessman. my specialty: lingerie and pet supplies. will you help me fulfill my dreams, oprah...i mean finky?
-Justin M

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