Thursday, November 04, 2004

They may take away our rights, but they'll never fucking take our dumplings.

Hey the world's not all bad now, we got these!

So I had a night to sleep on all the energy my mind built up in reaction to yesterday- with the Senate and all it was much worse than I thought. But I really want to push this American Renaissance thing. There's actually a lot of people in the party talking like this already, and a few PACs that I like who are refocusing. I just want to be really positive. I want the Dems to be hopeful. I really want them to keep on believing and fighting for what's right- especially with everything going on in the world. I still believe America can be better than this, and we don't have to leave. And I want to make sure that we keep our spirits up, fight for long term goals, and to push out exciting and amazing new candidates worth the whole nation's vote. I want some new face worthy of engraving into Mount Rushmore. And I have to face that my Clinton is gone, and that my Daschle was defeated. But hell I still have my Obama and my Nancy Pelosi.

Damn, I remember when I was at the annual NARAL (abortion rights) convention celebrating the anniversary of Roe, and I got to talk with Sentor Jeffords. After 2000, and both houses and the Pres were Republican controlled, I was so worried what would happen with all that power. And Jeffords stepped up and quite possibly was one of the hugest impacts on the past 4 years- so at least there was a shred of balance with a Democrat controlled Senate. And he was pro-choice. And his move made me feel more comfortable about the protection of women's rights. And I thanked him. I told him what he did was brave, and I appreciated his move. And he just has this sweet grandpa personality. He was so friendly chatting back. And he told me it was his pleasure, and he had this big smile on his face, he had been coming under such heavy fire, he liked being appreciated for it. But where's my Jeffords now? One seat in the Senate simply can't do enough this time. So I think we all have to be our own Jeffords. We may not have a big enough voice in Congress anymore- but well, we are the most important branch of government. So long as we never shutup.

Moving on, I fear a Guiliani run. Cause I actually used to like him as Mayor and thought he did a great job. He's got that no nonsense, stick to my guns and do what's right thing that I think is so important. But after 9/11 he got so fucking full of himself- like he was personally responsible for anything good that happened- like he was one of the firefighters or something. And the Guiliani these days is a prick and I just don't think he's the sincere man he used to be. I mean the public freakin blows his head up like a prositute on Oliver Stone. He would truly be hard to beat.

And now on to things that are so much more important- the premiere of the OC is tonight!

And anyhow I have been occupying my mind with the non-political. I'm burning the show "Damage Control" onto DVD, and I found all these totally awesome Print ads my boss did in the 80s and 70s before he was a director. And some are for commodore and xerox computers and they are totally awesome. So I am reducing them and making 8 by 14 color copies of them to decorate my room. I love old technology nostalgia.

On one final note, I am not waiting till new years to make a resolution. I have a big mouth and talk a lot, and I am ok with that. But, add alcohol and sexual frustration to the mix, and I say a lot of absurd things when I have been out and about and drunk lately. Now I have always done this, and in the past it's been all fun and games. But lately I've been waking up the next day, like, what the fuck was I thinking saying that! I mean, it's not as bad as doing things I'll regret. I don't really have a problem with that. And I don't get drunk every day, or get too drunk that it's unhealthy or anything- but I'd like to nip this little problem in the butt. So my apologies to the recievers of my lavacious tongue, I'll try harder next time! But in the mean time, feel free to punish me if I misbehave. And if you're hot, I authorize the administration of good old fashioned discipline on my ass.

Ah, the makings of a great future leader . . . don't you think? If I ever campaign, they are gonna have some fun quotes! "And then Fink said 'Spank me, bad boy.' while performing a lewd gesture with an ironing board . . ."
(it happened before, during this and the quote was a lot less racy, this, because of this, but it was resolved in this way. By the way, click on the link on all the "this" words, to know what I am talkin 'bout. Ah what a stupid little college freshman I was . . .)

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