Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Very Boring Post

I've been designing a website for someone all day. I feel rather unpleasant.If there's one thing I hate it's Physical Discomfort, and I have it right now. It's too hot in here, my sweater is itchy, my stomach hurts.

The only happiness I have experienced so far today was finding out about this:
Muppets in Brooklyn
I think I want to go see the commercials and experiments. And that makes today fairly sucky. Muppets can only do so much for me. And yesterday I bought myself an expensive bottle of wine purchased to induce the happiness caused by indulgence. But it was merely ok. How can I indulge on something that's merely ok I ask you, how? Maybe I need a magnum of cristal. But I drank that shit before and it just tastes like good champagne, and good champagne isn't all that great. Not as great as good red wine, or meat, or pancakes.

I feel grumpy and bored and uncomfortable. And kind of sad. Stupid fucking Tuesday November 16, 2004- to hell with you!

I had considered placing various pictures of various discomforts in this post, such as social discomfort or moral discomfort. But I don't feel like it.

Also, what kind of sick asshole wants to eat a Hardee's Monster Thickburger? Seriously you have to be a real prick to desire that stupid thing. Don't even get me started on why that is. DON'T Even.

This is so much better than pictures of discomfort, a picture of Johnny after I had my way with him:

Fuck reality.

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