Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The World is my Oyster you chumps.

Well I've been working on a commercial a lot yesterday and today and I'll be on set today. Yay. It's funny cause the talent is a bunch of beauty queens and their lines are really cheesy. Lines such as "Join (Unnamed) Gym today and be a winner! What does it take to be a winner? Losing weight! Firm those Buns! Be a winner!". So I don't have much time for blogging.

Highlight of yesterday- the male company I was with agreed to come with me to get a manicure. He didn't get polished or anything, but it was rather fun to bring a guy with me to a nail salon.

Ah yes and I saw Kinsey.
Great movie that's been getting great reviews. And it's a great movie. Really well told biopic on the life of the controversial "sex scientist". And I couldn't agree more that a man like that needed to explore what he explored. Sex is so paramount in human lives- people need to understand it. And fucking halleluyah for some of Kinsey's revelations. I imagine it opened a lot of doors for our generation of sex-havers. I only wish my ex could watch it. He'd possibly learn some things I've been trying to tell him for a while. I definately think its a negative to be old fashioned about sexual activities.

Moving along, the story is well told. I like the chronology of scenes and the time and attention paid to each element and its pacing. To put this movie in a nutshell- it's Honest. Very honest about people and the subject material. And it's really not too dirty or graphic, and the people who have a problem with the movie are idiots, and they must really have a problem with the real life Kinsey cause the movie is totally not controversial. At least I don't think so. It's too honest and direct- simply telling you who he was and what he did. Oh and there's this one very short scene where the director films a conversation with no close-ups, just full away, like down a hallway. Watching the actors deliver the lines from far away like that- important lines- was really interesting to me and I liked it.

Well acted. Peter Sarsgaard is so engaging. And naked. He gets naked. I am not a fan of his hairyness- but it's ok. He's not magnificent, but he's normal looking, not movie star looking. So it was still a nice view. What can I say, I like naked dudes. Oh yeah, back to the acting. I think Peter stands out- he's so real, natural, open on the camera. I love it. A very Brad Renfro/Nick Stahl quality about him. And this chick Julianne Nicholson played a small role, but I felt she had potential too. Laura Linney and Liam Neeson are both equally great, and do a fine, consistent job. I don't think oscar though. I think if anything Laura Linney could be nominated for Supporting Actress. Not sure though. I haven't seen too many good female roles out there this year- so maybe a Best Actress nom. Liam could get nominated, but I don't think he'd win- it's just not that kind of role.

Oh yeah, and it partly takes place in Hoboken, at Stevens Institute. Cool.

Much to my surprise, Kelly Clarkson's new music video is good stuff. I like her look/makeup wardrobe, the video itself is stylish, and the song is well written. It's very indie music inspired, and perhaps a sign that indie-pop is on its way to a TRL near you. And what fun she has in the video. I love smashing stuff. Only wish I could do it more often.
Here ya go:
Click on "Since U Been Gone"
Perhaps it's the pop music machine creating an image for her, or perhaps she's actually cool- I don't know. But while Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne simply sport a punk look and put out entirely pop-fluffy music, this is a pop chick with a truly good song.

And I'd like to give some post-thanksgiving-thanks.
Fucking thank god I am not in law school anymore. Haha you fucking chumps! Enjoy your finals!

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