Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Yay! Yay!

I'm having a really good day.

1. We are shooting a commercial, boss says to me, take 100 dollars from the petty cash for wardrobe and get yourself something at Puma (I got a super fly BMW racing track jacket).

2. I have to return something at Un-named Office supply store- and instead of refunding for that one item, they refunded the whole order. Boss says keep it, and get something from that store too.

3. I am seeing a screening of the Aviator tonight at the Director's Guild with my bosses- and Martin Scorcese is going to be there to talk about it! And last time he went there to talk about his movie Gangs of New York- he was interviewed by Speilberg- and Speilberg is in the area filming War of the Worlds- so it might be him again- either way Scorcese- YAY!

4. And a day after I got some headshots done- I get an audition for this really cool play- character description:
Jill- Heart on a string. Scrambled eggs. Trying to get her life in order. Outgoing and tells it like it is. Very sarcastic. actress.
Duh! It's perfect! I want it! Yay!

Now if only I could have sex with Colin Ferrell my day would be complete. Who knows, this track jacket is super fly. Perhaps he will come and find me now that I've got it on.

Back to work I go . . .

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