Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Blogs are Number One! Go Blogs!

Don't forget to remember: Che was totally hot.

Blogs are "word of the year".
This is a blog. If you don't have a blog by now you are out of the times. Get with the times you grandpas. Also in the news, last night I died my hair red like the blood that flows through my veins. Alert the proper authorities.

It's so wet outside my gollashes cannot defend me. They do nothing to protect my thighs from the cold wet misery that pounds into them on wet and windy days like this. I wish instead of falling on me and making me wet, it would just let me join it and I could be a happy little rain drop traveling from cloud to city street or on somebody's jacket. Or I could spend my afternoon floating around with my friends in a puddle and splish splash. But if I were a rain drop I wouldn't get to pop bubble wrap or pet tigers. So never mind.

Alien visitors have been known to come to Earth
I saw these very skinny Malaysian girls walking in the city streets last night and they looked to me like how aliens taking human form and visiting our planet trying to go unnoticed would look. They were very thin, and had sharp, focused stares. They had layers upon layer of new, oversized, unmatched clothing on. It looked as though they went into a store, trying to imitate humans, and grabbed every item and put it on, regardless of coordinating colors or flattering cuts. They had floppy hats on and open jackets, and they walked very steadily, in what I suspect was a perfectly straight line. I wonder why they are here. Perhaps they were going to see the tree lighting and the great Jessica Simpson.

Also in the news, this morning in the PATH station, some dude was whispering in a low and creepy voice "Goood Mornnning, Goooood Morning . . . " over the loudspeaker. And I looked around with my "What the fuck is that" facial expression, and nobody else had that look. They were business men and women on the go. They truly could not be fucked with and pulled out of their zones. I hate that- when I think something is totally weird or out of whack and everyone else is all whatever.

My final piece of news is that yesterday one of the beauty queens asked me what state I represented. Yay! That's much better than the time I was mistaken for Montana Secretary of State, Bob Brown.

I bought this to protect me and my property, kind of like a gun, but more effective.

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