Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Colin Farrell is so hot I would eat my friends for an opportunity to heartily palm his naked bottom with my bare hands.

Spike Lee
So I had a great time on Monday night when I went to see Spike Lee speak at the Apple Store with my boss and his friend. I actually got a lot of perspective on being a filmmaker, more than I expected to gain from this short talk with questions and answers. But he has a quality that I place utmost importance on- honesty and sincerity. If a person can talk to you straightforward- no bullshit- no niceties- no mask- they just have so much more to offer in each enunciation. So thanks Spikey (which apparantly his grandma used to call him . . .).

I would say that Spike brought up tons and tons of interesting points so I can't share it all, but here's some highlights:
Much of the evening he spoke about issues with funding and financing films (for Do The Right Thing- to buy more rolls of film he and his crew actually saved bottles and recycled them for the 5 cents), getting your work seen, and about how new technology makes filmmaking so much more affordable and available to the masses. A lot of talk was also about how if you want to be a filmmaker, or pursue any dream, you just have to get your ass up and do it. So when this dude was asking (bitching) about how his film was rejected from Sundance 6 times and how he's never going to get it made and it's all Sundance's fault- Spike got pretty pissed at him- all like what are you talking about you dumbass, etc. And then he also shared how awards don't matter either, reminded us that the film that won the Academy Award the year that "Do The Right Thing" came out was Driving Miss Daisy. And nobody gives a crap about Driving Miss Daisy today, but people care about and talk about Do The Right Thing.

He talked a lot about how what you have to do is find your unique voice in filmmaking. I asked him why, since his body of work and his unique voice has focused on the Civil Rights movement and the Black American Experience, he was interested in the subject material of 25th Hour. And then he was like, what about Summer of Sam? And I said, yeah that too. And he said, (more or less) "well I have a voice even when there's no black star in my movies. A huge part of me is my voice as a New Yorker. And all of my films were shot in New York (everyone cheered for that)." He was interested in these stories as an element of the New York experience. And 25th Hour was one of the first films to shoot a post 9-11 NYC (including a memorable shot of Ground Zero. Other interesting insight was when he discussed the process of making a film you wrote vs one someone else wrote. He said that the well enjoyed scene in 25th hour where Norton is in front of the mirror was originally taken out of the adaptation (it was in the novel) cause the studio (Disney) thought it wasn't likable, but he fought to get it back in. On the subject of ownership he said that it saddens him that the only film of his that he owns is Do The Right Thing, and he envies Jim Jarmush for owning all of his. He talked about the benefits of film school but also how you don't need it to succeed. Also, about a regret of his, he said that if he had more maturity when he made Do The Right Thing, he would have used more sensitivity in filming the rape scene, which he says he approached too casually, and he wishes he could change that.

And then after I went to dinner with my boss and his friend. His friend reminds me of a cheerful more delightful Jon Lovitz. And his (my boss's friend) son is an up and coming talented actor who was on CSI last night getting beat up by Ice T. My boss watched and says he's got loads of talent. Cool. I love the people in this gosh darned city and all their gosh darned talent. Also cool- he does this thing you all should know about- Operation Santa. He is trying to spread the word about something he's been doing for years. Every year the big post office in NYC (the pretty on next to MSG) gets tons of Dear Santa letters from kids asking for things for Xmas. And he goes and asks for some and tries to get what the kids ask for and send them to the kids. Anyone can do it. Often it's needy kids asking for bare necessities or a job for one of their parents or something. And he works to try to make these things happen. And other people do too- check it out.

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Onwards, Ho! (Ho is to be pronounced in the style of the Thundercats- I NEED this Halloween costume for next year)

So I went to a bar for "trivia night" last night, and purposely gave a wrong answer just cause me and my teammate freakin hated the guy who was on out team and just wanted him to be wrong. This guy was taking the trivia game all seriously, with comments like "Aw yeah boy, 5 points 5 points for us" and "That answer was all me" to other teams in a really non-cute non-appealing way. Seriously, what good is a guy if he isn't cute? No good. No good at all. This guy didn't even know any of the answers and we didnt need or want his stupid ass on our team anyways. But we did want the 50 dollar prize. But who's an even bigger asshole? I'll tell you:

Unnamed Executive at Unnamed Company we are making a commercial for. This big shot who's name is in the name of the company has been such a cheap bastard, and so annoying and always making up crap. And today he tried to get me in trouble! He was all pissy with my boss this morning, calling him up to say why didn't you call me yet, I told Heather to tell you I called yesterday around 4:30. And my boss asked me about it, and I was like, what the heck is he talking about? (my boss knows he's an ass anyway) Turns out there's a message on the voicemail and he had called at 6:30. Duh? Why the heck does mister bigshot want to get me in trouble? What a pain in the neck. Another example- he lost this folder of his and was acting like it was our responsibility to find it. SUCK me! Nah it's ok though cause he has mood swings and he's nice this hour.

The DVD of Damage Control has been made. Let me know if you would like to watch it.

New Family Version 3.1 (see previous posts)

My Japanese Family chewed through their wraught iron cage yesterday and left nothing but their "droppings". Hopefully these guys are less fiesty and more forward-thinking.

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