Sunday, December 12, 2004

Flickin Through the Channels on a Sunday Mornin

Robo-Maid. Fuck that. That is so 80s robot design. That's so not gonna fly in my apartment. My basic rule of life is that my robotic carpet cleaner should be streamlined and in touch with modern 21st century sensibilies.



Also, I just think it’s really fucked up how the entire Spanish speaking American population is suffering of severe mental deficiency and not a one of us are doing anything to help. Now I’ve met some Spanish Speaking Americans, and talking to them face to face they seem ok. But COME ON! Have you seen the Spanish Channel? Once you are able to peel your eyes away from the plentiful and delicious ass that’s shaking in front of you, the gentle landscape left behind is no Manet. No. If you really take notice of what these people are watching, it’s pretty sick. Now I don’t know, I mean Save the Children and March for Dimes have been around a long time and I doubt they still need your money. Now I know that charities are few and far between, so I guess why I am even bothering bringing this up is cause I saw a goddamn man in a spandex sailor suit on the tv this morning have a seal (the recording artist- not really- the animal- ha! Ha!) move about the stage, and everyone was screaming and clapping. And then a man on a plastic bike yells “Ricky Martin”, dips his face in cake, as a hot chick screams at him while squeezing a dog toy.

I am telling you, this is feeding the cultural divide. There’s a reason why the American Spanish speaking population is economically disadvantaged- they are being fed this fascistic oppressive bullshit and it’s maybe even giving them stupidity induced brain damage. My solution? Donate money and we can raise enough to finally afford the massive gas chambers we need to put them out of their misery.

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