Wednesday, December 29, 2004

He's lucky I am concealing his identity

leatherfink: i would love to meet a young man who has been f--ked in the ass by a girl with a strap on
------: done that too
leatherfink: have you?
------: uh
------: no
------: missed out on tht fun
------: was probably buisy with the missionary position or something
leatherfink: i want to do that some time
leatherfink: i think it would be horrifying
leatherfink: yet informative
------: with a strap on
------: tell you whst...if you buy me dinner...
-----: I'll let you f-ck me with a strap on

leatherfink: awesome

(PS- NO I would never want to actually do that and no this is not a REAL DEAL, and I put little dashes in cause I don't want people googling that and ending up here.)

Also in today's footnotes:
Intermission is a good movie although it's not terribly original, it's entertaining and charming - I love the opening scene- and I like Cillian Murphy. Also, Before Sunrise is good- at first I found both actors unattractive and boring, but as it continued I got wrapped up in it and it was just very very realistic and sweet. Looking forward to Before Sunset. I am excited cause it's oscar time and so I'll be screening the following new and old releases for FREEEE: Hotel Rwanda, A Love Song for Bobby Long, Incredibles, and Life Aquatic. At least that's all I wanna see for now of the stuff that's been sent to the office.
Did I forget to mention? Even as a dispicable villain I love him . . .

From Intermission

Finally, one other comforting thought in the face of being single in your 20s and being paranoid that all the good guys are taken and I'll never find true love and finding true love would be great-
Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Both have lived awesome lives, and they have awesome husbands n babies later on in life. And their lives seem much more perfect than any I could imagine and I suppose having a happy exciting career and youth followed by late 30s family/settling down would be pretty ideal. So that whole notion makes me feel younger. It's a rebirth!

My favorite selection from the Scholastic Book Club, I am 2 away from free personal pan pizza! YEaaahhhhhhhh.

Sin City YAY so awesome

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