Saturday, December 11, 2004

The House of Sand and Fog

I think this movie is about pain. I had felt I wanted to die before. At that time I was reading about it and one statement that puts that desire in a nutshell best was that it comes when your pain outweights your ability and resources to cope with the pain. I think one reason pain hurts worse is when the pain seems to come undeserved, without reason, or with an unexplainable magnitude far greater than what is manageable. This movie asks questions about pain and leaves them unanswered, and in that way it mirrors life with sharp resolution. There's no answers or moral declarations, simply explorations.

It's beautifully acted. Ben Kingsley and Shohreh Aghdashloo were nominated for their performances, and Ben was so so amazing. Shohreh's role was much smaller though. Really great, but it's surprising to me that she was nominated and Jennifer Connelly was not. She was so amazing in this. I really think she could just do any role and be magnetic and powerful. I think she's one of the best living actresses out there and anyone who's lucky enough to cast her has a gem on their hands. I truly think she could do no wrong. Also, the son was played really well, but the guy who played deputy was really good, but not as stellar as the others. I really hated the Deputy as a character though.

Bravo to the movie's art director and/or DP. Whoever was responsible for those magnificent landscapes and perfectly composed shots deserves a big shout out. Whole thing was great. And it's one of the few movies that actually made me cry. I recommend it.

About 2 other movies I've seen recently- The Life and Death of Peter Sellers- it was ok. It used a really cool storytelling technique I've never seen before and it should be applauded for that, but overall, it was kind of messy. And not Rush's best work either. Also, the Bourne Supremacy. That was fun and suspenceful. Nothing spectacular. Well done though and a good movie. Bless that Matt Damon and his well developed body. Joan Allen really stood out for me in that one. I think she could be cast in powerful roles that are originally written for men. Also, if you haven't seen her in The Contender, you're missing out.

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