Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Is this spam?

An email recieved this morning:
Good Day My name is Rose & Inna i hope you are feeling fine to have my mail so i want to tell you that my client want to rent your aprt room for 3 week rent my client want to star from june 2005 next year and also my client will pay for the tax because my client son will be uesd bicycle in the art so i want you to give the cost of 3 week rent so willing to haer from yousoon. Thanks alot.

Now I've seen those ones with all the silly words trying to sell me stuff so that my penis will be better than it currently is, but what are they selling here? Why are they bothering? Is email perhaps the tool of the fucking stupid to just go be fucking stupid as they please? I am starting to believe we should deprive the mentally slow of keyboards if they are gonna lay this crap upon us. I mean first we let them talk (the RNC- with microphones nonetheless), but letting them type and communicate over the net? I'm not havin it. Exhibit B This blog focuses on a nice topic, but very uninformative.

Mildly Entertaining article.
and also in the news-

Another skinny white dude gets a prime comedy job: Ferguson=boring. Yeah, it's long bothered me that the "important" jobs in comedy, or at least the most recognized, are entirely dominated by skinny (eh, sometimes fat too) white men. When the fuck am I going to have a female late night talk show host? What is so great about Jimmy Kimmel, Carson Daily, and Jay Leno? Yeah, Conan is a genious, Kilborn is amusing (no Conan)and at least hot, and Letterman an awesome guy. But still- the only comedy we are seeing is from that point of view. And of course I could go on about how I feel comedy is power and we reaffirm exactly who is the status quo by who we have as our voice of satire- but seriously- in NYC, there's so many brilliant female comedians and none get shows on comedy central or late night talk show jobs. I like some of the shows on comedy central, but it might as well be called spike tv part two cause think about it- the man show, and every single other show stars men, even South Park . . . its like college boys are the only respected comedy demographic out there. SUCK ME you comedy bourgeousie!

Mmkay, I'll tell ya about Spike Lee later, I got me some work to do.

"I was just offered a leading role in "Shear Madness" at The Kennedy Center in D.C. And FINALLY my Equity Card! I will be leaving 1/25 and returning 6/25. I will need to sublet my apartment. If you know of any trustworthy people looking to sublet for this time, please forward the link below. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/sub/51280515.html Thanks Gang! I hope you are all well! Brad (Haley)" For those of you who saw Damage Control, that was the guy who played my romantic interest. Pretty cool for him, eh?

Every song I have heard from Azure Ray is great. Really great.

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