Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mood Over Butter.

Just letting y'all know that I slept fine the last two nights and everything is cool with me on that end. I am really happy that everything with the break in turned out ok for what could have turned out badly. Also, I have been having pleasant evenings and pleasant dinners lately with pleasant people. I feel pleasant about it.

I waaaas feeling sad this morning. I was going to type up a mood peice on sad stuff. Like this:

Here is a puppy that nobody wants and is on it's way to die.

But my boss and I are having fun today. For gifts for his clients, he picked up a bunch of Dear Santa letters that they get at the post office. Some of the letters are really sad and the kids ask for stuff, and you can tell they are poor and everything, and so my boss is buying the gifts for the kids. So for each of his clients and friends he picked a different letter, and he bought these cool glittery boxes, and fancy colored parchment paper, and I am designing a nice printout for it, and we are attaching the kid's letter. One little girl said she doesn't have much monies (don't worry, I corrected it in red pen and sent it back to her) and all she wants is a McDonalds McFlurry Maker- described by Target "Make your own McFlurry just like they do at McDonald's and be the envy of all your friends. This personal-sized snack bar lets you mix up a McFlurry any time, any place." Man. How can I live without that? And also this boss treated me to lunch. I love that. Little perks- like just being given a cookie even- totally perks me up. I guess that's why I am glad I am not super rich. Cause it must be harder to please a rich person.

Yesterday someone searched "Why does my back feel like burning?" and wound up at my site. That's my favorite so far. I don't suppose I provided any answers. But perhaps I provided a youthful sense of disdain and maybe sleep apnea. I don't know if I can provide that even, but, just imagine . . . what if? . . .

Mood Change: Irritated. I was bouncing about and cheerful just before- remember? But then the other boss comes in. He's a good guy but he comes in late and has me do stupid crap when there's not much time left in the day, and has me put money in his meter- that's right- in the freezing cold. (Today's a real whore of a day I tell ya) The water in my cells froze into little cell ice cubes. But all over the streets are frozen puddles of pee and spit. And I prefer it that way cause it's easier to avoid (or collect).

Mood Change: Cheerful. Christmas music (there's some beach boys xmas on). And also there's glitter all over the office from the gift boxes. As a small boy I used to like to dip my hands in the glitter that we used to make stuff with in art class. And I would also pour the glitter on my face and hair in small amounts. People would sometimes tell me I had glitter on me like it was a problem. It was not a problem to me. Coat anything ANYTHING in glitter and it becomes like 10 times better. Even 98 degrees!

Oh you guys, you are 2 much!

All I want for Christmas is a Reebok Sneaker Car.

And to be loved. By somebody.

Even this guy.

According to his website, he likes chains.

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