Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Mother Fucker

Here I am, waiting in the office for anyone to enter. Go away- don't make me work! You can't come in unless you have pizza or kitties!

Goddamn it. Here I am again. In the damn office at work. My boss seriously forgot that he told me I had off this week about a month ago. My other (favorite) boss gave me off this week. Cause we have a commercial coming up. That's why I have to be in right now. But I just know that everyone else we are working with is taking a break too, so I am really not going to be needed. And there's no freakin messages or important shit that I need to take care of. Grrrr. Whatever, I didn't come in yesterday and I still have off Friday. But I was looking forward to visiting a friend in Princeton and having a day in the city with my family- CANCELLED.

What-the-fuck ever. My hair is so goddamn fabulous right now that it's making up for my irritation just a little bit. I recently starting using motha-fucking-fabulous Aussie Mega Conditioner- only like 3 bucks at your local grocery store. And boy oh boy am I happy with the results. So it's just me and my motha-fuck-fabulous hair in this empty ass office right now eating a goddamn yogurt cup and getting all gassy.

There's Snow-place Like Home
My parent's house is so freakin cosy. For my high school friends who haven't visited since, my house used to be in desperate need of renovation as it hadn't been changed since it was built in about 1979. But by now every single room is different, it's been painted since, and we even repaved that evil "sure to trip and fall on" walkway in the front with Home Depot's successful wet dream- pavers. In the living room we got one of those big tvs and a remote control fireplace and we are truly enjoying these modern accoutrements (not a word?) of modern living.

And the snow on Sunday night was sooo dreamy. It was big soft powdery snowflakes and it made the perfect powdery fluffy snow. The kind that doesn't get slushy or nasty or anything. And I ended up kind of driving around in it with some friends, and everything looked so beautiful. Where I am from is slightly more mountainous and we get some more snow than in the city. Anyhow, we ended up at this art-deco diner with a silly neon sign, but it never looked better than when it was dressed in this snow. Speaking of which I had just had some fun stopping in some hometown places and seeing friendly familiar faces and it was kind of nice. On Christmas night we went to this shithole hole in the wall bar that I had thought only big burly motorcycle guys might go- but instead since it was the only bar open in town, there was a pleasant mix of youngsters. And nice enough there was a time where every girl in the bar started dancing and bouncing around. It was rather merry.

Oh yeah, and long story short- my plans to go to Japan had actually changed to go to Thailand with some lady friends. But now Thailand is all fucked up. What to do? What part of Asia will Heather end up in March? We shall see . . .

Sweet Leather Embellished Materialism
In the new year I am gonna dress a little more kickass. I love what you can get away with wearing in NYC. You can really make any damn thing work. Me and my mom did a little tour of Marshalls, TJ Max and Daffy's yesterday (we ran out of time for Loehmans and Filene's)and boy did I find some cool shit. I got these thigh high pink suede boots that go up over the knee. Those will be paired with black tights, a pink sweater, and a jean skirt. And I found these awesome little french sneakers from a small brand "le coq sportif" and it says le coq sportif on them, and they are really cool looking black and white leather sneakers in a modern style with a little rooster on em. Yay I have sporty cock shoes. And I got these insane italian pants with weird buckles all over. Those will be paired with my grey cowboy boots. Oh there's this bright blue mini skirt. Oh, and a very well priced brown leather motorcycle jacket that fits LIKE A GLOVE. A well fitting glove. I really have grown into a shoe-loving ho. There's the grey cowboy boots, red cowboy boots with flashy red snakeskin embellishments, the white leather boots with little dots, the light tan boots, the dark brown boots with kitten heel, the tan, heeled gollashes, the pink suede stilletoes, the killer black suede stilletoes with patent leather piping, the pink suede thigh high boots, the coq shoes, and also new knee high black moccasin boots. Half of those shoes are from my mommas closet and the other half were on SALE baby. But dammit they are all so much FUN to wear. CApitoL LETTERs are SAVVY and FEISTY!!

The Post-Awesome
All is well. I affirm what was said in my "Awesome" entry, screw that son-of-bitch. He was a total jerk and cold as hell. How priceless is it that after the breakup he tried to explain things by saying he wasn't honest with me earlier because "I was just sure that I would lose you if I expressed my doubts, and at the time I just didn't know if I was ready for that." Mother fucker. How priceless is that? So priceless. I still can't believe it's actually true that we were moving in together and making that commitment. God damn. It's just so unbelievable that a year ago at this time, I was a happy law student who didn't get in a single grade yet, in Florida with my sweetheart rolling around in his bed while we told each other how we couldn't envision things being any more perfect. And I am happy to not be there and to not be that boring person now. My mom's happy I am done with him too. She said she'd never met someone so cold and unfriendly. She just thought it was damn weird how he would shut off some times. And that's exactly the kind of scary little trait you don't want to marry someone with- cause lord knows that's a warning sign of a man who will surely develop into a weird super asshole after years of marriage. You know- those guys who are really great at first but later on that passive aggressive selfishness inside of them just takes over and you don't see the person who you married anymore. I see that in him for sure. I bet I would've had a horrible life with him. Possibly sucked into his town in the middle of nowhere abiding by his rules and feeling ugly about myself. Fuck him and his pretty little face. That too will fade. And I love his new girlfriend. She's my new secret best friend cause I know she's the one who will give him his first heartbreak. So by all means I want him to fall for her as hard as he can. And I'm cool. I can do this single independent thing. I haven't shed a tear since my recent enlightenment and I am not shedding a single fucking tear for him ever again.

Mmm time for some relaxing Muse, and my found-lost Tori Amos CD "Scarlett's Walk" which is really pretty good and might appeal to more conventional tastes. Oh and another musical love- Racheal Yamagata is gonna be on the OC Feb 3! Mmmmm Seth Cohen.

Finally finally- an email informed me this morning that "Aaliyah already has a rolax! Get yours! aden". I'd better get on that shizit before all the rolaxes are gone, eh?

Oh but finally now, I really mean I am gonna end it here- I rented A Home At the End of the World, with the famously deleted cock shot of Colin Farrell. And he's why I rented it- and he's the only good thing about it. The story is a terrible mess, horribly put together. I don't feel much sympathy for these characters, and rather, I am creeped out by them. The gayness wasn't sweet like in Six Feet Under. It was slightly unnerving. But damn, Colin does get naked. And he plays a character that is entirely different from anything he's done- and he did it well. I was really impressed and he just kind of showed his range and earnestness. The boy can act, and let's hope that he avoids shitty scripts like SWAT from now on. But then again if I was a wiley Irish boy like him, I think I might accept that fat paycheck anyways. I really do love his public persona. He seems as though he might actually be as cool as he seems. And I don't hold it against him that he's a slut. I would do the same damn thing. It's gotta be so fun to just take a piece of all the American booty in Hollywood. Scarlett Johanson seems to be doing it- and that girl is smart- saying things like how she wants to meet Prince William in the papers. That's so awesome. She totally knows she could tap that ass. Ugh I wish I was her. I definitely do- accept when she does her hair and makeup all scary sometimes, then she looks like an ass. But anyways. If I was a famous moviestar- I'd definitely put off settling down as someone's faithful little darling for a while until I've tapped all the fabulous ass out there. And if I was Colin I think it would surely be fun to have a piece of Britney. Like woah I'm all up in Britney Spears . . . this is fun! Ah . . . that guy . . . he gives me hope that there's some fine pieces out there waiting to be nibbled on . . .

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