Monday, December 06, 2004

My Sunday afternoon in happy town

independent & Small Press Book Fair

I came to see the Daily Show vs Onion, but came early and caught a special little ditty about Howard Zinn's Voices of a People's History.
A charming surprise to remind me of all the things that used to inspire me before much of my recent disillusionment with modern life. Passages from the book were read by some actors.

Brendan Sexton III- who I loved in Pecker, and enjoyed in Welcome to the Dollhouse even though he was rather creepy in that one. And I envy him. I always wish I could be a Heather Fink III or something, but ladies don't do that. Would it be whack to name my kid of the future Heather Fink II? Nah, I already decided I would name my kid of the future Hagface. Yeah I know it's a bit of a hippy name, but what can I say, I drink soymilk like it was my mother's breast milk and I just can't get enough! Mmm especially in flavors like Chocolate Dream. Anyhow Mr. Sexton has an honest, natural appeal to him. I'd cast him.

(I know it's a bad picture, but she's the blonde in the middle)And then there was this chick, Christina Kirk, who knocked my socks off reading a passage by Susan B Anthony (she also kicked ass in her other readings) and I couldn't place my finger on where I knew her from. I knew her from the Stella Videos- which I have watched like a hundred million times. This chick can freakin act though. She has an Uma Thurman quality about her.

And then I had a friendly encounter with Wallace Shawn who was giving me a funny look. And I in turn gave him a funny look cause I hadn't recognized him yet and I was like, wait a minute, you're an actor. And he gave me a strange smile. Turns out that I was standing next to a man who had given him bad reviews and he thought that I was with him. And he thought I was taunting him by smiling at him. Ah well, bygons, I clarified that I in fact was not a critic. And I enjoyed his readings as well. This man has such a cheerful disposition and energy in his delivery, and of course a unique sensibility which I am sure earned him his Princess Bride role. You teenyboppers may remember him from Clueless.

On to the main event, which was quite a contrast to the Zinn reading- The Onion vs The Daily Show writers in a presidential debate. The Power kept going off. They speculated it was on account of the man keeping his watchful eye over us. Those millions of C-Span 7 viewers must have been sorely disappointed in this live telecast. What can I say, it was a lovely time. Reliably funny, with a touch of post election pain. These guys have got to love their audience. When you've got something as popular as the Daily Show and the Onion, people come hungry for laughs and they just love everything they hear. Comedians can't underestimate the power of the audience. Once you win them, they are the fuel that drives the show.

You know what else is happening? Well do you love Monty Python? Eric Idle? Mike Nichols? David Hyde Pierce? Tim Curry? Hank Azaria? Well let's bloody hope so if you have decent taste. And if you love these things, you'll love this: Spamalot. At least I hope I'll love it, seeing as how either I will shell out tons of money for the expensive as hell tickets, or somebody who really really thinks I am a swell gal will find it in their heart to buy me a ticket . . .

Then I went with a friend all about midtown on this perfectly Sunny day. And goddamn there's some awesome buildings nestled in between the numerous constructed business pillars with their massive glass and metal bodies pushing into the midtown skyline. To see pictures of some of these pretty buildings, chiggidy check my new flickr photos, dude. But I did come across something frightening, a company by the name

with a name like that they can only be working towards evil. I can only suppose there's evil 80s scifi robots being made in there and some big scary man in a big chair with lots of green lights in his office and hates children and steals their lunches and replaces the their lunches with small peices of gravel.

And then I ate some green curry beef.

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