Friday, December 17, 2004


Where's my Hot Toddy?
I want a hot toddy (I've never had a hot toddy, I'd like to try one).

Chrismukkah backlash

Oh god I love the O.C. Last night's episode was sublime. I love the new lesbian plot that's about to unfold. I wish Summer got better stuff to say like last season. I wish I could hang out with Seth Cohen and have his babies. I love Seth Cohen so he's getting a poem too:
Dear Seth Cohen
I wish you were real
and we were fucking.

Tonight me and the ladies are going to the meatpacking district. I heard it's really trendy so I want to make sure I fit in and so I got me this outfit:

And I don't want to seem like I am some kind of amature, so I got a steak and rubbed it in to make it really authentic.
Pastis. Tonight's destination.

So my commrades have finished their first semester of law school which I was not a part of. Watching them do it, I got sad that I didn't have a second chance to prove myself. The curve is new, I know my shit, I could surely do it. And there lies the only reason I would ever want to go back- because I could shut people up and show them I could do it if I wanted to. But that's a stupid ass reason to do it. I don't want to be a lawyer. I decided in July I don't want anything to do with the law. Since July I'd say I turned down about 5 paralegal jobs, 1 legal secretary job, and 2 legal research jobs with higher pay and better benefits. I want this job I have. I get paid shit, but I get to be in SoHo everyday, my bosses treat me well and are basically friends with me, I get to learn about the entertainment biz and about art, and I get all this extra time to write and do other things I actually enjoy, and I can use the office space if I ever need to rehearse or other stuff like that. I'm not stressed out, there's nobody in the office pissing me off or bringing me down. I can watch movies and listen to music and play on the internet all day. Basically no worries. It's a great place to be right now as I find my way and find where I really want to be.

What the fuck links:
Everyone's favorite murderer?
Not a bad idea (especially for Southerners and Nova Scotia)

And finally, I'll share some beef about being single in a post-college world (and in an environment with few co-workers for that matter). When you're not in school, you're not in a group setting. In a group setting, you can get to know a member of the opposite sex without ever having to be one on one. You have all the time in the world to discover whether or not this person is attractive. I fucking hate dates and I hate dating. The only part I like is going to new places and stuff like that. But I never really dated before. I never wanted anyone to have my damn phone number. I don't like the one on one thing. I want to have one on one time with someone I've developed some long winded crush on. And that usually happens with someone you spend a lot of time with in a non-dating capacity. But that won't happen in this little life I'm living right now. It's so annoying. The only guys I've ever had crushes on were from school, work, or an activity I did where I saw them all the time and there were other people and other tasks at hand. So honestly, I have been forcing myself to date lately- cause it blows being this in love with my ex. And I don't even like it. I just wanna hang. I hate the expectations. I hate the awkward moments. I hate having them pay and then me feeling like I owe them something.

I'm such a little bitch. Somebody give me a goddamn pedicure and a caramel apple. And a hot toddy. And a blow job (yes, I mean you Farrel, goddamn it son git your shit together).

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