Thursday, December 09, 2004

What Christmas Means to me

Dear Santa,

Seeing as how I save intercourse for someone really special, in the meantime, I wish for good quality heterosexual pornography that includes men who are really attractive, you know, they resemble Colin, Depp, Adam Brody, Ron Livingston, Brad Pitt, etc. The men must not look like they are on steriods or like Ron Jeremy or Fabio, must have fit bodies, really cute faces, and be equipped with normal, healthy looking and medium-large sized weaponry. They must not be hairless. Groomed is more like it. I wish for them to perhaps be dressed in college guy clothing- most specifically the long sleeved shirt with short sleeve shirt over it, paired with distressed look jeans, and they shall have moderate facial hair and soft messy hair. And they should be wearing boxers or boxer briefs- ya know, all before they begin their work. I would like them to be rather excellent lovers and I would like to see lots of close ups of their activities. Because you see, there is an awful lot of pornography on the internet, yet none with individuals starring in it as I have set forth herein. And Santa, you fucking fat peice of shit, no, you're not eligible for the part.


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