Thursday, January 06, 2005

Party really hard like a table

Bloggers are people of the year. I feel so honoured and I would like to thank god for this award. But sometimes we can't all have what we would like. So instead I am going to thank Anna Wintour and Jimmy Carter and wear one of these great t-shirts.

Moving on, I recommend this video:
Eminem "Like Toy Soldiers"
But I have to warn you, it's kind of stupid. See- I love that original song as performed by those chicks who sang it- which is what makes it good. But I must say that Eminem's whole schtick is getting really old to me. Like, ok ok Em- I hear you- the world is sad and can be fucked up- oh and that thing about you really being a nice guy and having good intentions- I really care. Eminem, you are truly showing your sensitive side, and it's oh so touching. Your apologies are like so so entertaining to me. And when you blab on and on about how much of a good guy you realy are cause you are too much of a wuss to say crazy shit without publicly apologizing in your songs- it's just the bomb. And oh man, yeah, the trauma of the rap wars is so moving. I can't believe that shit about Biggie and Tupac and the modern riffs. Cause you rappers man- you are some hard core tough shit and you have it so rough. I really feel sad cause you can't help but let your retarded tough-guy egos take over because it IS that important to act all macho. Yeah Eminem. I feel you baby. And when you're done be sure to release another one of them silly LPs and maybe this time you can collaborate with Weird Al Yankovic.

That said, I do think Eminem's first 3 albums were good if not great. It's just all starting to, well, suck. Ciao my angry siren. I vote you, Eminem, most likely to actually experience PMS. But if you really want to see something god awful:
Gwen Stefani's Rich Girl

Furthermore, I'd like to say in response to the extreme sucky crap that Hollywood is capable of making money off of, that there seems to finally be some sort of subtle awakening. Perhaps our own little 90's grunge-esque escape from the banality of crap pop is coming on and I welcome it. Because right now, dressing like a hip rock n roll punk is becoming more mainstream, and a lot of indie rock isn't so indie anymore. With the advent of Garden State's mass popularity, and the public outcry against Ashley Simpson at that football thingy- I think America is interested in sucking just a little less. Our generation should be ashamed of the past few years where Britney Spears, the Spice Girls, and the Simpson sisters were embraced as artists. I mean, I have found some of their crap entertaining- but I deserve to feel some kind of shame for liking it. So anyhow I welcome the advent of our new alternative nation with post-y2k twist. This time it's got some rap fusion and kick ass boots and even some nasty hipster porn. Oh, and have you heard about Manhattan's invasion of an old Williamsburg (brooklyn) tradition of live rock karaoke? Yeah, that's karaoke with a live band. Right now it's mostly Monday nights, but I hope to find it somewhere fun on a weekend night. Right now Crash Mansion, Pink Elephant, and Rothko are good spots to find it.

And that's all for now. I watched From Dusk Till Dawn again last night. What a teenage boy's dream. Bad words, boobies, vampires, and pointless tough-guy M.O. But it's just the kind of sleeze and vampy gloss that makes Robert Rodriguez one of my favorites. Speaking of which, I'd like to give a shout out to my favorite directors of the moment:
Michel Gondry
Mark Romanek
Jean Pierre Juenet
Robert Rodriguez
and Tom Twyker.
I lurf you.

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