Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This is a Musical

In Nine Inch Nails news, the new album "With Teeth" is complete, yet still not in stores, and they'll be touring soon. Word is that Dave Grohl plays drums on it and some dude from Tool plays some other something on it too. So long as it's got my musical genius Trent on it, I am cool with that.

Peter Gallagher will be singing a song called "Don't Give Up on Me" on this week's OC. And it's his real voice. You can download it on itunes. It kind of sucks but I like it anyway.

Also, after a friend shared some "Bright Eyes" with me recently I've really grown to love it. Download free Bright Eyes mp3s at this website: Saddle Creek- Bright Eyes. Conor of Bright Eyes is also featured in an article in New York magazine this week, cause he's a New Yorker now, living on the Lower East Side and dating this chick in another good band, Azure Ray. Also, he'll be performing in NYC in the end of Jan. I got me some tix.

And if you were being a bad blog reader yesterday and didn't download and listen to Flight of the Conchords, I am giving you a second chance:
Flight of the Conchords mp3s

And if you like Robots dancing: watch this. (Thanks Brad)

Finally, if you go to Madonna's Website, you can watch the video "What It Feels Like For A Girl", which was banned from MTV. It's on the Album "Music" if you click on it. This version of the song isn't as cool as the original, but I like the sound clip that seems to be from some movie that gets played. Worth a look. You can also see other videos on there. This chick has had a few banned over the years. Oh yeah, and you can see the old "Music" video which has Ali G in it, who is a lot more popular now than when the video came out. Did you know that Sacha Baron Cohen is engaged? He is. He's sexy, I'm pissed.

Speaking of which, here is a link to
Ali G speaking at Harvard's 2004 Graduation.

PS- Somebody who downloads music free please send me mp3s of "Waltz for a Night" by Julie Delpy from "Before Sunset", and Madonna's original "What It Feels like for a Girl." I need them. And I don't download free music cause I don't want to infect my machine.

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