Monday, February 14, 2005

Boredom Ensues the Rendering of the Missed Point

Ah fuck. I'm so fucking bored. I have plenty of things to do. All boring. Oh there goes the phone ringing. I should answer it.
Here goes.
Ah, I'm back, also boring. Boring "Barbara" telling me some bullshit that I don't care about. Goodbye Barbara. Thank you for calling, snatchlips. Hmmm. Snatchlips. That would be an inappropriate name for a fruitsnack. Oh but it would make me giggle. Strawberry fruitsnacks don't make me giggle. Ever.

I just ate about a pound of yogurt from one of those large yogurt containers. It was the most boring thing I have ever eaten. But I liked it. So boring isn't all bad. I like my calcium. I like my acidopholus. I like to know that these things are getting inside of my body and doing good work, the lord's work perhaps. Perhaps these nutrients are messengers of god. Oh my god, did I just say that? What am I a fucking cracked out crack head? No. Still just bored. Better snap out of it you little complainer.

Hey, do you people believe in God? I think it's time we had that talk. Here's my religious beliefs:
I believe in being a good person and living by a code of morality and always doing the right thing regardless of god. And you should do it because that's what living a good life is all about. It's bad to make other people feel bad. That should be reason alone to do the right thing. It's ok to make yourself feel bad if you are at fault for something. That's called taking responsibility for your actions. Also a good thing because it results in feeling good and living well in the long run. I think it is bad to do things because you fear god or fear hell. I don't think that will motivate people well enough cause it requires too much thought and it's too foreign from a person's immediate emotions. If a person truly believes in their heart that there's a good reason to be good and treat people well and do the right thing, then they will do that. But if it's because of fear or tradition or organized religion that guides a person, I don't believe that person will consistently behave as a good human being. I just don't think outside influence is as strong and powerful from a person's pure inner motivation. I don't think people should be doing good things simply because they want to get into heaven. I don't think people should do bad things because they don't believe in anything.

If you want to live a good life, you have to be a virtuous person, to your greatest knowledge and understanding of what being a good person is. I disagree with secular religions. I think it is pure evil to say things like that if someone doesn't believe what you believe that they will go to hell. Those kinds of things are terrible and cause war and hate. I blame certain organized religions for breeding hate towards people who don't share that religion. I don't agree that a real god would be spiteful. That's why when I read in the bible that periods are essentially punishment for Eve offering the apple to Adam, I knew I was reading bullshit. Forgiveness is holy. Not spite and revenge. That breeds contempt. No true god would lead by example of contempt.

All things in the world, nature, people, mountains and all- they are all amazing in themselves. Our universe, as one living, breathing, interacting thing, is so fucking amazing, that I believe that all things and all atoms share existence as something that we all have in common. Simply that we are alive and exist, we are all sharing time. This time right now together. And the sum of all things existing, as a whole, works together to create a sum greater than that of its parts. So the world is so amazing and phenomenal that things perceived as supernatural or miraculous are actually a part of this world, and not something else.

Maybe there is a god and an afterlife, but to me, to believe in those things is missing the point, and it overlooks what's here and what's inside of you. It overlooks the gut, the heart, and the human instinct which lies inside all people, which clearly distinguishes what is good from what is bad. We know when we are being considerate, doing the right thing, and that we are capable of self sacrifice for the good of others. We know that such action is instinctively good. When we are bad, we know it and feel it too. The difference between a good person and a bad person is a person who listens to, acknowledges, and accepts feelings and instincts regarding how to treat others and how to behave in the world. Focusing on god or afterlife is simply arbitrary. The point is not what isn't here, but what is, and to live and exercise, illusion or otherwise, that pretense of free will. If there is god or afterlife, I don't think we have the faculties to properly conceive of it. If we did, there would be no dissent.

I think that there's a creator, but maybe we created ourselves. I believe something probably happens after we die too. I think there's god. But I don't think I need to know what god is like. If there is god, I think god just wants us to be good and to live life well and make the best of the life and world we are given, no matter what. If you're good and you do good in life, you're good, and god can't want anything more than that. There's no point in all the other stuff, which I view as cultural and I respect relgious traditions as a sacred element of social behavior, family, community and unity rather than anything else.

Get a load of that camel toe, literally! HA HA HA!

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