Friday, April 29, 2005

File this under . . . images that give me a hard-on.

Goddamn it. In the past 24 hours I have come across FIVE people not doing fun stuff with me so that they can go to YANKEE games. Damn sports. They scare and confuse me why do people have to like them so much. They just remind me of how much I suck at them. I don't like to think about sucking. I like to think about Lisa Frank's amazing world of fantasy.

Ah. Goddamn that's so fucking soothing. Puppies and Dolphins in one multiverse. That's genius that goddamn Lisa Frank. Wait a sec- does that teddy bear have a TOP HAT on! Well well, I'll be darned.

In Honour (british spelling in honour of hitchhiker's guide) of Frowned Upon's show coming up this Saturday, I am posting an amazing movie script written by Mr. Devon T Coleman and his friend Jason who has such an awesome website that it gives me a hard-on on top of my Lisa Frank hard-on.
Here it is:
(email me for the story, it takes up a lot of room on the page, I assume interested readers read this treat over the weekend)

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