Monday, June 20, 2005

Ahh the summer winds approach thee well

Rebecca: Listen Nancy . . .
Nancy: Yes Rebecca?
Rebecca: Don't ever show me what you can do with a ping pong ball again.

To call upon the eloquent poetry of early 90s icon, Beavis, this link:
Cruise gets squirted in the face with stuff
is cool because, well
Tom Cruise is kind of a bunghole.
Sorry Speilberg ya know, sorry that you're both a couple a pussies . . .

And I was going to write a father's day special here. I started to actually. But it's so damn long. It's going to be belated and truncated, like yo face. Yeah, look who's talkin NOW, bitch.

Nancy: Rebecca?
Rebecca: Yes Nancy?
Nancy: Can I at least have my ping pong ball back?
Rebecca: Certainly, Nance.
Nancy: Um, well, can you give it to me?
Rebecca: Come and get it.
Nancy: Where is it?
Rebecca: In my asshole.

Romantic interlude . . .

Aw yeah . .

Nancy: You are such a bitch Becs, why do you act like such a bitch!
Rebecca: Let me give you a word of advice. If you want respect, don't go shooting ping pong balls out of your vagina at people. Especially not at my parents.
Rebecca: Sometimes you just don't make any sense.

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