Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Heather Think


Teeth make for better nife fights. Nifes are better than knives.

Music recommendations-
Best album purchases of the last year:
Arcade Fire- Funeral
Muse- Absolution

Songs of the week:
Jimmy Eat World- Disintegration
Orenda Fink- Do You Realize? (Flaming Lips cover)
George Harrison- Give Me Love
Cursive- Dispenser
Reggie and The Full Effect- Caving
Hot Hot Heat- Bandages
Mr. Bungle- Goodbye Sober Day
Shannon Wright- Hinterland
Pete Yorn- Closet


Dakota Fanning has recently been gallivanting around on a horse. Proving once again, that she is better than me. I am secure enough in myself that I am ok with that, but I wish our Lohan/Duffesque feud would end. If not my kickboxing skills will serve to make me feel better about myself via violence. Violence upon the pure blood of Dakota Fanning. It feels so wrong to say these things. God help my DF bloodlust.

DF Bloodlust . . . a new fragrance from Britney Spears.

Do I order the red folders or the black folders. Do they have them in silver? That would be nice. Oh, there's business card slots. Not sure about the 3 hole fasteners down the middle . . . then again, why not. Today's just that kind of day.

Clammy hands are sexy. If you're crazy.

Clip art people must be the loneliest people in the world.


voxul said...

Some of the music reminds me of United Kingdom's Band Modern English. Most of the music I have never heard of in my life!

Heather said...

PS- I find it prudent to clarify that I in fact have great respect and admiration for Dakota Fanning. But that does not mean that I don't also have Dakota Fanning bloodlust.

Ken said...

Something tells me that a DF bloodlust will keep you at 'pending' status... http://www.too-manic.net/dakota/

voxul said...

What radio stations plays the kind of music you listen to?

Heather said...

I like the Alternative station on Cablevision's Music Choice. Also the indie rock channel at mtv.com radio. Otherwise, good luck. Radio sucks. If you're interested in cool new music, downloading free mp3s at www.saddle-creek.com is a great way to start. Everything on that label is good.

Fuck YOU! said...

Anyone who tries to inflict any injury on Dakota Fanning will be looking down the muzzle of a Glock .45 caliber pistol--it will be the last thing they'll ever see. I won't hesitate for one second, I'll drop the hammer on anyone to tries to fuck with her.

Carla said...

Oh boy! Chill out, put your gun away and relax. Nobody is going to hurt Dakota Fanning, ok? Geez! I know she has security people, I've seen them. I've even met Dakota. She's a very sweet kid. But I think even she would tell you to not to freak out over what was written, it's just words...relax!

Heather said...

Yes, thanks Carla. I was joking. I think Dakota Fanning is so talented its sick. She's amazing and I like her. I believe what I said is so absurd that anyone in their right mind would know it's a joke.

But that is some seriously scary death threat you posted there. I think as a rule in like you wouldn't want to make death threats on a regular basis. I think this advice might serve you well.

Fuck YOU said...

Heather dear, I've had a beer and feel better. No worries mate.