Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sup My Niggaz.

Nigger is a horribly offensive word. All I know is that movies showed me a black person was treated really badly and made to feel really sad and terrible when someone used the word nigger in a mean way. And I read some books like Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad, and I learned about all kinds of really horrible and sad things. These sad things were taught to me, and are successful at making me feel sympathy and sensitivity towards black people and their difficulties in the world. But I am not a black person and nobody has ever called me a nigger. So I can't discuss this topic from a truly informed standpoint. But.

It strikes me that when I listen to Kanye's "Gold Digger" on TV or radio, the lyrics are changed from "I ain't sayin shes a gold digga, but she ain't messing with no broke niggaz" to "she ain't messin with no broke, broke." Broke doesn't rhyme with digga. Nigga rhymes with Digga. Kanye makes that sound good. And his song, among others, have the word nigga edited out for radioplay. And I wonder what that's all about. Is this to have a public sensitivity towards the word? Is this to ensure that children don't just drop N bombs carelessly? It strikes me that there's a reason to edit it out. Nigger is a word used to mean black person. But it's bad because when it was used in the past, it was used to hurt the feelings of a black person, or to degrade them. Actually, screw the past, I am sure people still use it if they are racist and want to let a black person know that they hate black people. But it's also been reclaimed as a word that black people use amongst each other in friendship. And it's kind of cool because white people really can't use it. So it's theirs and we really can't have fun with it.

Now in writing this it's kind of annoying that I am talking about black people like "others" or like a thing to be studied. I don't think that way, but I know that I am not a black person, so I can't say "us" or something like that. That said, I'm gonna continue,

The word Nigger in itself is from the word Nigeria, I guess. I really don't know. It doesn't mean anything other than black person and it's only bad if the person using it is using it in a meanspirited way. So if a person is using it without any mean intentions, why should it be so bad? So a person is a nigger. So what? There's nothing wrong with being a black person. Why should it be edited? So lets say I am black. Someone refers to me as a nigger, and not in a mean way. Like "Sup my nigga". Ok. I am a black person. That's nothing to be mad about. Like when someone says someone runs like a girl. So what. Girls are great. To be like a girl isn't a bad thing. So you call me a nigger. So what. Black people are great. I am a black person. You get what I mean?

I think the reason we edit that word is because our scared American culture can't begin to truly embrace its own history of slavery and racism. We are the birthplace of political correctness. Now that's kind of sweet because it means we are a polite and considerate people- attempting to be sensitive to the many flavors in our idyllic "melting pot" culture. But maybe we are just trying too damned hard. I still think we are a little tight lipped about the whole white/black thing. Hundreds of racist themed movies have been out there, all seemingly saying the same thing in a cheesy consensus one after another. True statements that affect people regarding race issues in America are few and far between. I thought that Bamboozled actually said something. But I am not sure if I can think of much else that said something new and different.

It's like a big horrible breakup. And white Americans and black Americans walk down the street every day pretending like the feelings are all cool and pretend to be happy in public, wounds healed, life going by as usual- but it doesn't take much for a wound to open. There's a lot of suppressed anger and a lack of understanding of cultures on both sides. Anyhow that's just interesting that they edit out the word "nigger" like it was "shit". It's not shit to be a black person. Or maybe it is. What does my cracker ass know anyways?


Nav Purewal said...

I think I love you. Seriously.

bill Loni said...

i find this girl extremely offensive and nothing special at all

vox said...

Puff Daddy finished the New York City Marathon exceptional endurance feat

Heather said...

You're only offended if you really want to be. People like having something to be sensitive about.

Common sensibilities dictate that I wouldn't talk frankly about race issues. It's what people do all the time. Too much silence.

You don't have to like what you're reading here. You don't have to read it at all.

Bill Loni said...

Its not that i don't like what i am reading, in fact i find it fairly comical, i just find that you sound extremely self absorbed with yourself and seem to think that you have a pulse on society, but you really seem to be clueless

Just My Observation

Heather said...

"Just my observation"

Cut the bullshit Mister Loni- you're trying to be a pain in the ass. Don't fool yourself!

And like I need you to tell me I am self absorbed! What's the title of this whole thing?! It's me talkin bout me and what I think- and that's whatcha come here for if you come at all. Millions of people write about millions of things- and I not gonna tell you about those things. I am gonna talk about different stuff in my own way. That's the point!

Unless you prefer that I start one of those fan sites for some celebrity. Those things totally freak me out how anyone can be so devoted to somebody they don't know.

Heather said...

And about that clueless comment- I particularly hate when people insult my intelligence. So I'd like to give you a big smart

Bill Loni said...

Now thats one way to show your intelligence; "SUCK MY FAT COCK"

Wow, you really told me off, I guess I better not spar with the apparently intellectual midget that you seem to be, because you may fire some more of those verbal SCUDs at me and really hurt my feelings. Instead, I guess I will just sit back and continue to observe the witty repartee that you seem to think is fascinating writing but I find to be mindless humor.

vox said...

I think it's like a anonymous reporter debating a public celebrity...though what do I know.

Heather said...

"Now thats one way to show your intelligence; "SUCK MY FAT COCK" "

That was the joke.

Bill- WHY are you bothering with me or my website? For me, it's my site, so of course I bother. For you . . . well . . .

Bill Loni said...

Why am I bothering you?

You put yourself out there making silly observations and assumptions for the world to read, so you should expect, no better, welcome other opinions. I mean you obviously desire, no better yet, crave attention by offering yourself to the public like this, so be aware that not all responses will be what you want to hear.

And as for the "SUCK MY FAT COCK" joke, I understand that it was your feeble attempt at humor, but it was just not funny at all. I would have preferred if you would have called me a dumbass or something that may have hit home a bit more, but i will give you a "NICE TRY"

Heather Fink said...

Opinions are really very different from pointlessly doggin me.

You don't think I've garnered your type of criticisms before? I'd like to ignore you, but I suppose one of my flaws is wanting the last word. I just really wonder why you give a damn. Why is it important to you that you try very hard to come up with some words that will bother me? You seem to be trying very hard to say something that will make me feel bad in some way. I can't understand people like you. It disgusts me that anyone would waste their energy going on someone's website simply to insult them. I mean what, are you trying to discourage me from comedy by saying you think I am not funny? How in your right mind do you think that would work?

Now if you have realized what a douchebag you're being wasting your time spreading negative energy and bad vibes, might I encourage you to donate to a charity. is one I give to most regularly, but there's many great ones out there.

Bill Loni said...

Again, you continue to amaze me, i just find it comical (in a pathetic kind of way) how people such as yourself, who apparently fancy themselves as an omniscient city dweller whose sole purpose in life is to enlighten the masses as to the machinations of the world, believing that the world revolves around themselves.

By the way, it really is not very difficult to come up with words that bother you, you seem to be very affected to what people say about you.

And, as for discouraging you from comedy......You consider yourself some type of comedian???? If you do, then HaHa, guffaw guffaw, Keep up the Great WORK!!!!!!

Heather said...

My god "Bill Loni" enough already! I'm not responding anymore. You obviously don't care about using your efforts for anything positive.

steponshit said...

Loni is a serious pile of shit