Friday, December 23, 2005

Latest Headlines- Breaking News; Monster Neglect; Prime Number Pooping Bear

Yesterday I griped about the NYC transit workers striking. Thankfully it is over now, but I have some really sad news. The Doozers have also decided to go on strike today. This is their first strike in nearly 100 years of business, building bridges, towers, monuments, and roads using vegetable protein sticks, processed by mining turnips and radishes in the Gorgs' Garden, as their building material. Now they are some of the hardworkingest folks out there, but really I don't know how these next few days are going to be without them. Cross your fingers folks, shit just hit the fan.

The latest pictures from the strike:

The leaders of the Doozer Union arrive to address cameras this afternoon.

Workers leaving the site last night.

In a dramatic attempt at calling attention to the cause, another doozer threatens to kill everybody with his little but angry hands.

On another note,
I really love the muppets. But this woman has a very interesting thought about the cookie monster (in this article), which I will quote here (I suggest that you read the whole thing):
I have watched him run a gamut of emotions from happiness to desire to guilt to shame. Each encounter with a plate of cookies ends in the same way -- Cookie Monster yields to the temptation of the "accidentally" abandoned cookies, and in a flurry of cookies and furry monster, the cookies disappear -- "eaten." Then, wrapped in a maelstrom of emotion and crumbs, Cookie Monster walks on.

Mark this though: I have never seen that sweet monster eat a cookie. Anyone who tells you they have, lies.

I have, as you have, seen the cookies broken, seen them shoveled into that starving monster's mouth, and heard him declare his satisfaction with his treat.
by Megan Tynan

And finally
Prime Number Pooping Bear!
Seriously. Click here for Prime Number Pooping Bear.
I am so excited to have 100% more Prime Number Pooping Bear on my website than prior to before.

Have a nice weekend.

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