Sunday, December 25, 2005

What Kwanzaa means to me. by Heather Fink

When I think about Kwanzaa, I think about how particularly unintelligent people are. Black people don't celebrate that holiday. With the exception of Whoopi Goldberg and Farrakahn, black people celebrate Christmas. It's true. Ask a person of the African flavor if they celebrate Kwanzaa, or wish them Happy Kwanzaa. They won't like it. It's like saying "Feliz Navidad" to a person just because they are smelly and dirty. It doesn't mean they are Mexicans who celebrate Christmas. Nope. And the Kwanzaa thing is just a trick some people played on nervous white people who don't want to offend people from other races. Every time a white person includes Happy Kwanzaa in their holiday greetings, somewhere out there, a small black boy is laughing at them.

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