Thursday, May 18, 2006

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I am so happy I could cover myself in neoprene and wash a puppy with one arm! (A one armed puppy that is, I'd surely need two arms to wash a puppy. One to soap him up and the other to drink my 'puppy-washin' beer.)

Why so happy? Cause I am going to Puerto Rico tomorrow! I'll be spending most of my time at Flamenco Beach. Check out Flamenco Beach.

Check out (newly married) comedian Jennifer Dziura's hilarious Sex Toy Blog.

Upcoming Hoboken Comedy Nights are going to be awesome. Check out the lineups.

Check out my kindling.

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I tried a lot of new places in the NYC lately. So I figured I'd tell you all about them because I am generally a really nice person.

Angel's Share
Surrounded by a mixture of cheesy NYU student bars with some gems mixed in, Angel Share's location is a little surprising. It's one of those semi-hidden places. You can find it near St Marks and 9th St (that weird angular intersection), and it will say Angel's Share on the awning. You go through the ordinary looking Japaese restaurant to an unmarked wooden door. When you get there you must wait to be seated, and behave yourself. Behaving isn't my favorite, but the relaxed atmosphere and amazing cocktails and food make it worthwhile. We ordered 2 appetizers: the Satay mixture and the Sashimi assortment and they were outstanding. A great after work thingy.

The ULTIMATE wine bar. This new LES spot is a block away from Freeman's Alley with a much calmer vibe. Go all the way to the back where you will feel like you are in a living room. The luxe leather couches certainly help, and they even have a fire escape/porch area for all of the smokers. The wines and food selection rock. It's euro-cheese plate type fare, but enough selection to make a dinner. I liked it better than 'inoteca, and since they are near each other, unless you get an outdoor table at 'inoteca, I think Jadis is a better choice.

The Annex:
152 Orchard btwn Stand and Rivington
A gorgeous new, large bar. Great stage too. I really think the scene depends on the night and who is performing because they do feature new bands. A great private party space is in the basement.

GORGEOUS space. Across from Pastis. The Garden is lovely- perfect spot for bruch. Lounge and restaurant space as well. Great find in the meatpacking.

The Capital Grille
Old school, business suits, waiters that would possibly rub one out for you if they thought it would contribute to your dining experience. This taste of old New York reminds you that Americans over the age of 40 do in fact spend time in New York City. Salad and dessert- thumbs down. Filet Mignon and red wines- thumbs wayyyy up.

The Back Room (aka the LES Toy Room):
102 Norfolk St
Great spot- cosy, drinks served in mugs, but the shitty part is that they are strict at the door so all of your friends may not get in, especially if they look young

(9th near 2nd Ave.)
Good music, great drinks, food's not so good. I ate wasabi octopus and that was one of the least pleasant things I've put in my mouth. The desert, sweet potato with caramel, is glorified sweet french fries. Thumbs down.

Still dying to try:
Ditch Plains- new oyster and beer bar on Bedford
Pegu Club

Finally, I wanted you to know: I'm having your baby. With a side of filo-encrusted salmon topped with a beet reduction and anjou goat cheese souffle meatpackets. I'm not sharing.

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